Introduction: A Call to Prayer

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I created this recipe after living in Spain and being surrounded by the tolling of church bells, and traveling in Morocco and hearing the adhān issuing from the mosques in the morning. Recently, at an artist residency program I was asked to create a call to prayer in my medium of choice. This got me thinking about the sounds a call to prayer contains: a bright piercing note, a long mellow note, and a final lasting resonance that stays with you into the day. This dish was created to give a taste of each and is prepared and eaten left to right.

Step 1: Components

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To create this dish you will need small amounts of clear honey, slightly stale whole wheat bread, truffle butter, preserved lemon rind, fresh fennel bulb, a sprig of rosemary, and a beautiful plate that you like a lot.

If you do not have truffle butter on hand truffle oil or high quality salted butter will be a fine substitute.

If you do not have preserved lemon rind, substitute a small amount of fresh, crushed lemon peel with the pith removed.

Step 2: Bright and Clear

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Cut a sliver of white fennel bulb slightly smaller than your index nail. Place on the left side of the plate and top with a slightly smaller slice of lemon rind.

Step 3: Long and Mellow

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Tear a small piece of the slightly stale whole wheat bread . It should be slightly bigger than the fennel slice. Place to the right of the fennel. Spread generously with butter. The butter should be applied about as thick as the piece of bread is.

Step 4: Low and Lingering

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Using the tip of a tea spoon, butter knife, or finger, place a small pool of honey to the right of the bread. Gently pull one leaf of rosemary and place in the honey, leaning it half in the honey and half on the plate.

Step 5: Consumption

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Consume each item slowly and thoughtfully from left to right.


AidanG (author)2016-02-17

I couldn't possibly eat that much.

thuzil (author)2015-08-19

I don't get it.

jlaurenson (author)2015-08-19

This made me laugh. it reminds me of a comedy sketch where someone was carefully eating a solitary bean on toast.

TomV4 (author)2015-08-19

I don't know. It leaves me hungering for more.

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