Step 3: The Curved Part of the Vertebrae

For the curved parts of each vertebra I firstly marked sections at roughly 1.25" increments. Where I had made these marks I cut a "V" shaped groove around to begin the shape of the vertebra. To make the curves between these I simply used a gouge to cur around the stick. The gouge I used is around #5 sweep, I don't know the exact size because it's a home made gouge. These curves should be around 2/3'rds of the way around the stick, leaving space for the bones that stick out of the spine.

It'll probably take a few brews before you carve them all!

<p>I Just started wood carving and love this idea! l'm gonna try it for sure. </p>
props on using the mora, a true woodmans knife
Is it strong it looks a little thin at the bottem and its just sexy amazing btw
thats just amazing i will bash anyone who says other wise great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd love to see an Instructable of how you make home made gouges. That one you have there looks mighty nice to me!
<p>If only I&nbsp;had woodworking skills ='(<br /> Trial and Error, as they say!<br /> Great ibby, btw, I&nbsp;plan on integrating a custom steel blade.<br /> Again, great job!</p>
If you're patience you can just wrap a branch with some rope and wait. It'll grow similar. I've seen plenty of vine choked woods walking in woods.
Thanks, that should be interesting, post us some photo's when your done!
So a spoon gouge does most of the work here?
Fishtail gouge did most of the work, but a straight gouge would work just the same.
very very nice, I may need to carve one
You should sell these on www.etsy.com
That's a good idea, thanks.
This is beautiful! Great work.
Thanks canida.
wow, what a fantastic instructable. it certainley looks the part. <br />
Thanks!<br />
Dynamite idea!! and a well done ible as well... I can see what one of my summer projects is going to be, this will go GREAT&nbsp;at the haunted house !
Thanks, please post some photo's if you do carve one!<br />
VERY cool!!<br />
Gorgeous!<br />
very nice it seems like it would make an awesome Halloween prop <br />
That's a good idea :) Thanks.<br />
Beautiful! Functional and attractive!<br />
Thanks!<br />
very nice. nice mora knife too.<br /> i've heard willow smells pretty terrible when cut.<br />
Thanks, it didn't really smell of much to be honest.<br />

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