Introduction: Cheap & Fast DIY Pop Screen

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This project was to make a cheap and fast Pop Screen from household items.

Step 1: Supply's You Will Need

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To start of you will need a few supply's:
-Metal Coat Hanger
-Shrink Tube
-Thin Kitchen Cloth/Fabric

Step 2: Creating the Screen Frame - Part 1

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Start by cutting the coat hanger to get a straight piece.

Keep the left over pieces, these will become the mounting rig.

Now take the longest piece and bend it in to a circle, I suggest bending it around a poll or flower vase to get a non obscure circle.

Now that you have your screen frame of choice (size), You can trim off the extra metal so it makes a complete circle.


Step 3: Creating the Screen Frame - Part 2

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This is where you will need the Shrink Tubing and Lighter.

Cut a 1” piece and put it on the wire over the seam.

Shrink the tubing so the inner glue holds the metal together. 


Step 4: Creating the Mounting Rig

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Take one of the left over pieces of metal and bend the end in to a “L”.

Lay it on the screen frame and add some glue to it to keep it strong.

Step 5: Adding the Fabric

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Lay your fabric flat, Add glue to you Screen Frame and press it firmly down on the fabric.

After the glue drys cut off the extra fabric.



Step 6: Your Done... YAY!

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And thats a cheap and fast Pop Screen made from house hold items.


jamesjamesjames (author)2011-01-14

this looks like it would get rid of too much high frequency content.. if you find that's the case when you comprae with/without, try singing across the front of the mic without the pop filter.

When i was using it i did notice a huge loss in anything as it was for spoken word, i dont sing lol

sorry for the REALLY LATE reply :(

jamesjamesjames (author)2011-01-14

also, a nice cheap and quick version i have used is a pair of tights ver a loop of wire, you get two layers then too one each side of the wire!

gman2000watts (author)2010-06-30

looks nice, could you add a video with the audio from the mic, with and without the filter?

will do, some time next week, when im off work.

B.F.L.M (author)2010-06-16

what IS a pop screen???

Drunken_Kitten (author)B.F.L.M2010-06-16

It stops the air from your mouth when you say words the start with P's and B's so you audio recording dose not have pops in it :)

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