Capturing & Publishing a Child's Dream


Introduction: Capturing & Publishing a Child's Dream

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In these uncertain times, its important to protect the innocence of our children, their dreams, their imaginations, their beliefs. After all, they are our future.

I simply have to share this with you...,

A friend of mine has a son, only a young lad, full of ideas, dreams and stories. One day he said to his dad, "I'd like to write a story and share it with the world so the grown ups like each other more because they are always arguing and hurting each other, even though they don't know each other. "

Well, this brought a tear to his fathers eye and he agreed to help him any way he could. This is his instructable of how he wrote his book.

Step 1: THE IDEA

He was walking home one day whilst wondering what he should write about and tripped over a stick, only a small stick never-the-less but being small it was big enough he thought.

"I wonder where this stick has come from, what adventures has it been on to get here right now for me to trip over it" and that was his story. The first of many he decided to write down.


His dad got him a Moleskin for Christmas and Charlie decided that he would use this only on special occasions.

This was his special occasion and he sat for hours and hours writing and writing his stories out in his precious Moleskin.

Step 3: PC TIME

His dad being "old fashioned" didn't really use the home PC, but thank goodness Charlie had been learning this at school and new all about it.

They opened up a Word program and Charlie typed up all of his story from his notes out of his Moleskin and asked his dad to scan the pictures in which Charlie had spent all night instead of going to bed when he was asked to, colouring them in.

After putting all the pictures and writing into the PC, Charlie hit print and out they came, one after another, after another.


A few days later, there was a knock on the door and Charlie's dad knew it was the postman with a very special package.

Charlie ran to the door and the postman gave Charlie the package addressed to Charlie and said thankyou.

What could it be said Charlie trying to get into the brown cardboard.

His little face exploded with the biggest smiles his dad said that he had ever seen. He was absolutely over the moon, although he couldn't actually believe what his dad had done for him.

Well, there was no stopping Charlie, his Moleskin was out and he was off writing down adventure after adventure, he took them to school and they read out his stories in front of their assembly and he had to stand up in front of the school whilst they all applauded him for his books.


Charlie glued all of his pages together on the edges and it came our looking like a pretty good little book. He was delighted and showed off the story that he had written.

That night, his dad sneaked on the old PC and typed in about self publishing. He came across a site called Here you could upload your books and ideas and they would actually send you the printed book.

Well, unbeknown to Charlie, his dad struggled through the night downloading a page template and transferring Charlie's book into it. He uploaded all the information to LULU and after downloading a PDF version of the book to check it, he ordered it as a book through the post.

His dad had also formatted the books so they could be downloaded as iBooks to people's ipads etc even though he didn't actually have one.


Charlie asked his dad if he could help him with the pictures so they got out their pencils and drawing pads and Charlie told his dad exactly what he wanted drawn.

This was first done in pencil and any fine tweaks were made before they coloured it in. After Charlie had approved all of his dads artwork, they got out their coloured pencils as Charlie thought they would have a nicer end result as apposed to crayons.


He called his books CHARLIE BOOKS and his dad knew someone who wrote a simple webpage for them all to be displayed on as his friends were asking him how they could get one too.

He has since written a few more:

The Stick
The Canary
Wobbly Tooth
My Sister
Chocolate Cake
The Seaside

Step 8: CARDS

Charlie designed some little business cards on vista print and gave them out to all of his friends at school.

This story touched me and how the imagination of a young child can become a reality just with a little belief and effort on his and his dads part. The instructable basically shows you how to turn an idea into something physical, but not only that, it's about the bond that father and son can have in this busy day and age, with all this technology, the simple things always bring the biggest smiles.

Thanks for reading, go visit:
Charlie's Books site

Maybe even buy one of his books whilst you're there if you want to. You never know, someday he may be a famous author if we just believe in him and give him that incentive to continue his work.

Cheers and happy reading.



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