Picture of Capturing & Publishing a Child's Dream
In these uncertain times, its important to protect the innocence of our children, their dreams, their imaginations, their beliefs. After all, they are our future.

I simply have to share this with you...,

A friend of mine has a son, only a young lad, full of ideas, dreams and stories. One day he said to his dad, "I'd like to write a story and share it with the world so the grown ups like each other more because they are always arguing and hurting each other, even though they don't know each other. "

Well, this brought a tear to his fathers eye and he agreed to help him any way he could. This is his instructable of how he wrote his book.

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Step 1: THE IDEA

Picture of THE IDEA
He was walking home one day whilst wondering what he should write about and tripped over a stick, only a small stick never-the-less but being small it was big enough he thought.

"I wonder where this stick has come from, what adventures has it been on to get here right now for me to trip over it" and that was his story. The first of many he decided to write down.


Picture of PEN TO PAPER
His dad got him a Moleskin for Christmas and Charlie decided that he would use this only on special occasions.

This was his special occasion and he sat for hours and hours writing and writing his stories out in his precious Moleskin.


Picture of ARTISTRY
Charlie asked his dad if he could help him with the pictures so they got out their pencils and drawing pads and Charlie told his dad exactly what he wanted drawn.

This was first done in pencil and any fine tweaks were made before they coloured it in. After Charlie had approved all of his dads artwork, they got out their coloured pencils as Charlie thought they would have a nicer end result as apposed to crayons.
That is absolutely ace!
I think I'm going to try that my self.