A Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Worth Trying

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The contest here on instructables have played a huge part in challenging me to think outside the box and try to create different recipes. I have learned so much in the process. It has been this experience that has made me a better cook and it has produced failures along the way. In this case, it started out that way. Many people are making changes in their diets for a lot of different reasons. Modifying favorite recipes can be a good way to transition slowly into the diet of your choice. If I have not made a recipe before I will cut it into half the first time around just in case I don't like it. It has proved to be a good practice. I wanted to try a different chocolate along with the Hershey's and add a few different ingredients to change the flavor. I salted the tops of a few of the cookies with Kosher salt just for the fun of it. We liked it better without the salt but if I had used unsalted butter the Kosher salt might have been pretty tasty. I will make it with unsalted butter next time. 

I purchased Hershey's chocolate chips and modified the recipe on the back of the package because I wanted to try to create a different twist to the recipe using different ingredients. This instructable will share my experience modifying their recipe and some experiences I had  while doing just that.

Let us get started!
kbp5559 months ago
sunshiine (author)  kbp5559 months ago

Wow, these look good! :D

sunshiine (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago

Aw thanks nerfrockerteer, they were very good. Thanks for checking them out and as always have a super day.


You too! :D
sunshiine (author)  nerfrocketeer1 year ago


If I could eat one thing right now after a heavy Indian Dinner, this would be it :). I bet it is so yummmy :)

+1 haha

sunshiine (author)  hunter9991 year ago

More in the oven after I post this!

Haha, I wish I lived near the Land of Enchantment! :D

sunshiine (author)  hunter9991 year ago

You are close enough! Right out of the oven! They are better after 24 hours as you can see the difference! Enjoy!


Wow! They are awesome, the chocolate chips melted look so yummy! :D

*stomach rumbles*

Thanks for the (cyber) cookie sunshiine! :-)

sunshiine (author)  hunter9991 year ago

They were the best after 24 hours but it is hard to wait to bake them. Making 2 batches is the best way then you get nice fluffy ones that melt in your mouth! Glad you liked the cyber cookie.


Yeah, I might make these sometime! And I'll be sure to post a picture when I do! (favorited)

sunshiine (author)  hunter9991 year ago

I hope you do! Thanks!


I almost died of temptation ;-)
sunshiine (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago

Awesome, I hope you cleaned your monitor first. I will be experimenting with this recipe again and have some ideas! Stay tuned!


Ha ha :)

sunshiine (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago
Guess what! I have been waiting to bake more to give the batter more time to soak up all the goodness. I am baking them after I post this, come on over but you better be quick they won't last long!
n33r1 year ago

Well i dont know about the cookies ( not allowed to eat eggs :( They look delicious though ) !!

But i loved that milk Mug's design !!! :P

sunshiine (author)  n33r1 year ago

Thanks . . . i guess I should modify this recipe so you can try them! The mug belongs to my daughter whom I am visiting. My hubby wanted me to bring it home after seeing the picture but I told him our daughter probably would not part with it. I thought it was the perfect mug for these cookies. thanks so much for commenting and I hope you find you a perfect mug!


n33r sunshiine1 year ago
That would be great if you can modify recipe :D !!
& mission find that kind of mug has begun, will let you know if any success :P !!!
sunshiine (author)  n33r1 year ago

I will be playing around with it again, I will probably work on it more when I get back home. Are eggs the only thing you can't eat from this recipe? Thanks for sharing!


BayRatt1 year ago

I think I would have eaten the cookie dough before it got to cookies. LOL!

sunshiine (author)  BayRatt1 year ago

I actually did that and it was very good. I did not eat a lot because of the raw egg, I am not that brave. Thanks for sharing and I hope you night shines!


lcole51 year ago
What does such a small amount of almond flour do for this recipe?
sunshiine (author)  lcole51 year ago

The purpose was to experiment using that flour because I had not used it before. I wanted to create a nutty flavor without adding chopped nuts. We did not notice the nutty flavor but I have used a small amount of coconut flour in a recipe and it was perfect for the recipe. The next time I will increase the amount of almond flour and reduce the regular flour and try to alter the recipe so I won't need to add regular flour. Unique flours are tricky to use when altering recipes or at least that has been my experience. I am learning along the way. Thanks for commenting and do have a great day!


hunter9991 year ago

Awesome (as always) sunshiine! Keep it up :-)

sunshiine (author)  hunter9991 year ago

Thanks hunter! Have a very w=sweet day!


No problem sunshiine and thanks so much - you are a very kind hearted person :-)

sunshiine (author)  hunter9991 year ago

: )

Oh my lord, I need these!!
sunshiine (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago
They were . . . .
yummy! It is always good to see you swing by with your kitty! Thanks so much for stopping by!