Here is how I made a chocolate drum cake for the wife of a coworker. This actually looks like her real favourite drum.

Step 1: Cake

Make chocolate cakes. Big ones! Put them on a cake board and cover them in buttercream icing. Let the buttercream set in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Don't have cake boards? Neither did I. Cut a circle from a pizza box and cover it in tinfoil.
My 13 year old daughter is a drummer and I made this cake for her birthday. It was a three layer chocolate/vanilla/chocolate cake. I originally intended to mechanize the drumsticks (to make them lightly tap at the cake), but i struck out at trying to find a motor that would turn slow enough and was reasonably priced.
This is awesome...always looking for good fondant recipes or brands....What brands do you use? Thanks
I use Dawn's Decorice Fondant. It smells like cotton candy! Great taste too.<br><br>I get mine at a local bakery. You have to ask at the counter though.<br><br>If you compare the two, you will never use the Wilton stuff again.<br><br>
I should clarify. The purchased premade WIlton fondant does not taste good. I have not tried the recipe below.
Here's the recipe I use:<br><br>http://www.wilton.com/recipe/Rolled-Marshmallow-Fondant<br><br>To make chocolate Fondant, I imagine you can just add some cocoa powder. That recipe is so rich that a little bitterness wouldn't do any harm.
I hope there is some truffel
It looks exactly like a drum! Good well done!

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