A ChriFSMas Message.


Introduction: A ChriFSMas Message.

I was so impressed with Trebochet03's Instructable that I had to stop building my entry for the Christmas contest and make one.  Working on the principle of  'If it's worth doing, it's worth going totally over the top', here is a ChriFSMas message from The Noodly One.
(Apologies for the quality - I did this in a hurry.)



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    It really makes his Noodly message shine through doesn't it.

    I was hoping no-one would notice that.
    I borrowed the circuitry from my entry for the Chrissy contest (look out for Baad Snowman) so I need it back.  To put it at the top of the tree I'd have had to go out to the shed for the stepladder, and also, the angel which currently resides in that position will  probably fall apart if moved again.
    (Answers to rhetorical questions free of charge ;¬)