I want to use a clean my drawer.

But I have no scissors, paste and money. I have just a scratch paper.

I need only A4-size paper.

For more detailed information, please refer to video~ :)

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Step 1:

Fold an - in the paper

Step 2:

Fold an - in the paper.

Fold a side(2,3) along the line(1).

Step 3:

Fold/Open along the line(1).

Fold an - (2) in the paper.

Step 4:

Just follow me~~~ :)

Step 5:

Fold into a triangle

Step 6:

Fold into a triangle and put in the side.

Step 7:


<p>Great idea! I already knew how to fold flat, square boxes (like the one on the right), but yours are great for bigger items...</p>
<p>Nice idea for recycle scratch paper, Well done!!! </p>
Thank you.<br>I'd like to be of help, even if it's only in a small way.
<p>Ah, very nicely done . . . paper drawer organizers! So clever!</p>
Thank you!!<br>Try to make your own box.<br>Maybe... your drawer will clean.

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