A Clever Stapler Trick





Introduction: A Clever Stapler Trick

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We’ve all been there — the stapler runs out, and there’s no staples in the supply cabinet! To avoid further mishaps, try this nice guys :) trick. You’ll never be caught in a jam again.

Step 1: Grab Supplies

For this stapler trick, you'll need just three items:

  • Your stapler
  • Staples
  • A bright marker (red works best, but you could possibly do other colors)

Step 2: Color Your Staples

Taking your marker, color your staples. You should aim for about 20 staples for this trick to work.

Step 3: Load Stapler

Load your staplers with the red end of the staples towards the end. Now when your stapler starts punching red, you know you'll need to replenish your staple supply!



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    Really simple, really clever.

    What a great idea!

    Oh my gosh! This is such a great idea! I always swear when I get to the last staple! And thank you for not calling it a "hack". I hate that word where it doesn't belong! :)

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