This is a instructable for my coaxial golfball gun, or any coaxial spudgun. If you're wondering, a coaxial is where the barrel is inside the chamber, much like a piece of coax cable for your TV.

Step 1: Safety

All spudguns and launchers are dangerous, and should be used in a safe manner in accordance with your local laws and regulations. Using them in a unsafe manner may lead to injuries or even fatalites you have been warned.
Wait the holes are drilled at the edge of the piston the part that goes over the center 3 inch pvc rite?
Mmm... don't know spudguns at all, but military technology definition- "coaxial" is most definitely a term for secondary weaponry or multiple systems or barrels linked in aiming along the same 'axis' of fire. Traditional tank layout, turret MGs being 'coaxial' are aimed by the entire turret momvement, often in the exact same mounting as the main cannon; they cannot be aimed seperately from the the '-axial' it shares with whatever weapon is the 'co-.' Mebe DeathBlade is just better at making sick improvised weapons and instructables than goofy descriptions that are irrelevant anyway.
uhhh... they're the same, in a coaxial airgun, the barrel is on the same axis as the air tank. for military equipment it's the same, just the barrel isn't inside, it's next to it...
Why the hell are you using DWV in a 4" piston valved pneumatic?
yea dwgv is full crap
unless it's LIEK A BOMB, W00 W00!!!!!!!!!!
The best part is the dangerous DWV that could explode at any time and kill you! isn't that great!
...with a laser pinter to increase accuracy..........from 5 feet away.....
re dots don't increase accuracy they just make it easier to aim
Your mouse pad has an air tight seal? Dang that is very clever and way easier to get than neoprene disks!
good details, i made one of these but on a much MUCH larger scale. the diaphragm doesnt work well when its large and under high pressure though.
the diaphragm should work exactly the same no matter the diameter or how high of a pressure it is under, it's your diaphragm that is bad, doesn't mean that because it doesn't work, physics wont allow it to work.
I've never heard that definition of "coaxial" before, and I can't find anything to back it up. Can you link to something? A coaxial weapon is one that is alongside the main gun of a vehicle, like a machine mounted beside the main gun of a tank. It fires in the same direction that the main gun is aimed (along the same axis) hence, coaxial machine gun.
It could be 'coaxial' in the way that is similar to coaxial cable, a conductor(barrel)is surrounded by the shielding and insulation(chamber)<br/><br/><em>In a coaxial configuration, the barrel is placed in the center of the chamber, and the breech end is near the chamber endcap. The design makes a very compact and rather nice looking launcher, since part of the barrel is enclosed in the chamber.</em><br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.spudfiles.com/spud_wiki/index.php?title=Coaxial">http://www.spudfiles.com/spud_wiki/index.php?title=Coaxial</a><br/>
A coaxials chamber and barrel are also in the same axis to that is also a workable definition.
Those have parallel axes while these pipes actually share the same axis.
Yes, I understand why the term May be co-opted to apply in this case, but he is using it in a way that I have never seen before and can't find any other use of. His definition "in case you are wondering, a coaxial is where the barrel is inside the chamber" implies that this is a known term, but I can't find it anywhere. It seems he just made it up. I'm not necessarily arguing with is definition, I've just never heard it before and wanted some backup.
You mean you've never heard coaxial in terms of a spudgun-style shooter? He didn't make it up, there are lots of coaxial shooters out there.<br/><br/><strong> <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.spudfiles.com/spud_wiki/index.php?title=Co-axial">spudfiles definition</a></strong><br/>
Awesome, thank you. I never thought that it might only apply to spudguns, so I didn't specify that as I googled. Thanks again!
I think I should upload instructions for my propane potato cannon. That thing left a dent in a tree and when I fired from 10 feet away. Too bad the launch it competition's over. Nice work. I may try making a silencer using your coaxial technique.
Nice gun. BTW that is no MICROMETRE that is a Vernier Caliper....big difference lol =)<br/>
Exactly what I was going to say, but it is clear what is meant.
I know I always mix those up, kind of how I sometimes call my garage a refrigerator.
how does the air get passed the piston to fill the gun?
By drilling one or two small holes in the edge of the piston, or if the piston is loose enough right around it.

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