Do you spend a lot of time digging around in your pocket for loose change?  Have you ever wanted an easy way to keep all your pocket change together?  This instructable will show you how to make a quick and easy collapsible change purse out of duct tape.

Essentially this is a duct tape box, but what makes it unique are the way the sides collapse down and fold upon themselves to close the top. 

It makes a great change purse.  Its durable and easy to use and because it is made from duct tape, it can really take a beating.  You can make it more stylish by using different colors of duct tape. I've used mine for over 2 years and it continues to work great.  No more digging around for loose change for me.

Total time for this project:  Approximately 30 minutes for construction

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

You will need the following materials for this project:

1) A roll of duct tape
2) Scissors
3) A ruler
4) A pen or pencil that can make marks on duct tape
5) A large heavy book or flat object to place on the completed change purse to initially help it hold its shape.
6) One sheet of printer paper
To keep the edges from fraying I added a thin border in a different color. Looks very nice and will make the change purse last longer.
Did you get this from ducttapestuff? Because I'm a HUGE fan of that guy, and he made a video of this and said it was an original design...
He does have some good stuff. No, I did not get this from him. I make no claims on the originality of this design. As far as I know, the idea for the design of this folding box comes from an Origami paper folding box. His construction is definitely different as he uses 5 squares of duct tape while I use 2 strips that criss-cross, but that difference is minor. <br><br>
Sorry for the accusation, but Congratulations for coming up with this. I use one myself and it's VERY useful.
No problem. I'm glad you are enjoying it.
ya very cool just cant figure out how to fold it right could u make me a video and show me if u can plz thx!
Great idea mate!
I had one of this made of leather and I lost it; when I found this site I was almost crying of happyness.<br>It's definitely the best coin purse EVER
<br> Nice quickie !<br> I just made one in a couple minutes to get rid of some change I found in a pocket, and I think it will do the trick pretty well.<br> <br> Here are 2c my twists on your instructions:<br> <br> - I didn't bother measuring anything, Instead I used the duct tape roll as a guide to know where to cut, using my favorite leatherman :)<br> <br> - To put it in shape,&nbsp; I put it between 2 sheets of paper , and ironed it.<br> I probably set it a bit to high as it gave it a sticky feel for a while, but it ended up being a good solution.( don't set the iron to high, and proceed with repeated 1s circular strokes)<br> <br> Thanks for the 'ible :)<br> <br>

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