Due to the large amount of instructables I have seen here that detail ways to make batch file "Viruses", often times using the exact same code, I'm making this 'ible to show a comprehensive list of the ones that I know. Keep in mind, some of these can actually be dangerous if used, so be careful!

Some of these aren't exactly "pranks", and should only be looked at for educational purposes.

Disclaimer: I am not responsible if you wreck somebody's $2,000 water-cooled super awesome gaming computer, be it for a silly grudge, or accidental, using the code shown in this instructable.

Step 1: Making a Batch File

So, in order to input the code described later, you're going to actually need a place to put it. For Batch, you can use the command prompt by going to start>run>cmd.exe, or making a ".bat" file in notepad. Make sure to save it as all files and with a ".bat" extension.
you mean we can't boot our PC anymore? <br>
<p>the only way to fix this is to completely wipe the hard drive... I think</p>
<p>ah, i see. Thanks!</p>
how do you re-enable? restarting did not fix
<p>uh oh....</p>
what does this do? shut down the computer? will I be able to boot it afterwards?
does restarting fix it?
restarting fixes it, right? <br>
Dude, you saved me half a year of time, you are just awesom
good thing i dont have a outlook or any contacts
how would i get the keyboard back?
You can just go into task manager&gt;process, and find wscript.exe and end that process.
Thanks, I just got out of JAIL today. It turns out the internet this is illegal :/ i did it to my school.
cool virus <br>i am trying to make a really big one that i can unleash into my school in 2014 on the last day of my schooling years <br>i don't have full admin privileges but more then most of the school as i was able to crack the password for my system. I am trying to make one that can be messaged throughout the whole network or piggy back through the internet and that will turn all users into admin delete a few files and will erase itself leaving no trace behind <br> <br>could you possibly help me out with this?? <br> <br>
You wrecked my $2000 water-cooled super awesome gaming computer. Lol
Hey man XD... i really appreciate all these codes XDD... But i have one certain problem. Right now i have this code:<br> <br><br> <br>@echo on<br> <br>:Top<br> <br>color 02<br> <br>prompt Hi, You Have Been SCAMMED XD<br> <br>start&nbsp; color 0c<br> <br>pause<br> <br>prompt Hi, You Have Been SCAMMED XD<br> <br><br> <br>prompt Hi, You Have Been SCAMMED XD<br> <br><br> <br>prompt Hi, You Have Been SCAMMED XD<br> <br><br> <br>prompt Hi, You Have Been SCAMMED XD<br> <br><br> <br>prompt Hi, You Have Been SCAMMED XD<br> <br><br> <br>prompt Hi, You Have Been SCAMMED XD<br> <br><br> <br>prompt Hi, You Have Been SCAMMED XD<br> <br>%0<br> <br>rem ---------------------------------<br> <br>rem Self Destruct<br> <br>del /f /q %0<br> <br>rem ---------------------------------<br> <br>goto top<br> <br>%0<br> <br><br> <br>(the pause is so to not destroy my computer whilst modding it XD)<br> <br>...<br> <br>My idea for this, is to open command prompt (pretend to be deleting stuff...), then open up another 8 command prompts (make them look like the one before, scrolling and pretend to delete stuff) and repeat the process....<br> <br><br> <br>ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED XDD
Does it fix on restart?
I wouldn't recommend trying it.
I might use these as temp files for a exe so I can demonstrate the dangers of a virus in school. :P
I think the school will apreciate the demonstration. lol
I've tried using this, but every time i try, an error message comes up saying invalid character, line 1, character 1
I tried this virus with a fake Outlook Account, and Trend Micro said this was the HitOut virus. XP
Lol the mechanism action is basically the same between the two.
Shouldn't you associate some crazy file type with exe, then have it use the list to copy, rename, and place into a hidden directory, then edit the file by taking %0, removing .exe, then adding the type on the end, and then use that so the file runs afterwards?
How do you reconect the internet?
I'm gonna use this. Put it all together (well, most of it) to make a mega virus with some other touches (once it's done it blocks input, turns up the volume and goes to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyzyOnOh9A8) to send to danooct1!
cool this all goes to a ,bat file extenction<br>
@#$%! I don't want to mess with you...
Same here dude<br>
How do you make it stop?????It is driving me CRAZY!!!!!
Restart your computer.
Thank you!
so it doesnt do anything to my computer?
It will make whatever file this script is embedded in get sent out to all of the contacts in microsoft outlook on the computer it is executed on.
Can you switch the mouse buttons back later?
Yes, just go into control panel and under the mouse category there should be an option to swap them. Just un-check the box.
how whould you do it for cod
Whats the directory, and name of the .exe?
tnxxxxxxxxx alot i love all ur scripts there useful
this will work on any batch file?
It should.
what does this one do?
It disables the antivirus on the system.
does it like screw with anti virus and spy ware so you can use other viruses
Very cool!

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