My sister and I went around the house noticing random stuff we made and decided to just post it here to help out people in the world!

Tips included in this instructable:

*Earring Hanger
*Bobby Pin Holder
*Short Halogen Lamp
*Binder Clip Hanger
*Bulletin Board
*Necklace Hanger
*Fix Your Umbrella!
*Don't Smash Your Fingers - Tool Tips Month
*Don't Lose Your Screws - Tool Tips Month
*Hot Glue Stuff Without a Hot Glue Gun - Tool Tips Month
*Be More Accurate with a Hammer - Tool Tips Month
*Keep your Dog's food bowl ant-free - Tool Tips Month (?) :-)

Step 1: Earring Hanger

1. Thumbtacks (number depends on how long your hanger is)
2. Pipe Cleaners or a wire clothes hanger
3. Earrings

Take the pipecleaner or wire and tie them aroudn the thumbtacks as shown in the picture. Shove the thumtacks in the wall and hang earrings from the pipecleaners! Success!
Lol. I like this
nice tips! I like the cheap style in them!
You is my kind of do-it-yourselfer.
Asians :D
Maybe something to keep you from burning your hands?
You are really funny!
Nice tips, rated 5* well done
Excellent idea!
I'll definitely keep this in mind next time my umbrella breaks, and lol at those pictures!
<p>You can also use a tie rack for this</p>
read fool! &lt;3<br />
&nbsp;In step 8, why are you trying to hammer a screw?
I've got the same headphones you do....... I hate them. They break so easily its not even funny. How long have yours lasted?
This is great! 5 stars. Except I think the hammer one would make it harder because of lack of leverage.
I love your icon. I love birds!! There the best, and sooo cute. I have a parakeet named Baby-Blue
the only things you will ever need is WD-40 and duct-tape, is it doesnt move and should use the WD-40, if it moves and shouldnt use the duct-tape
maybe not Instructable, but hey why didn't I think of that, come on its nice to have simple little things thrown in, to help make our instructables a little easier......btw i love the glue stick and candle thing, got an idea......use like a potpouri pot that is heated from underneath with the tealight candle, (or like item) and make a glue pot......(i don't like glue guns much) and dip what u need glued or use toothpick or popcicle stick (which ever size u need) and then the glue dries in the pot, for next time.....
The binder hook thing is fwackin brilliant!! NICE.
what the heck, i just did a binder clip hanger yesterday and didn't even know you did it. ahah i'm new to instructables so i don't exactly know how to make an instructable, but since you already did it, i guess it's too late... anyway, good instructable.
hahah thanks, it's cool , isn't it? :-) great minds think alike, friend.
that's useful! i like the binder clip idea and i never thoguth to use cardboard or anything when hammering. I always smahs my fingers too!
A good culmination of simple tips that can help everyone.....Nice work for multiple tips on a project.
Love the binder idea. The stubby halogen lamp makes it much less likely to burn down your house.
great ideas but UCLA is 100 times better then USC or as i call it SUC.
Actually, I believe UGA is better than both. ;-P
LOL! i respect your opinion, but USC is better nonetheless :-) haha jk. I admit UCLA has its good parts too, but both my parents were from USC and the trojans are incredibly good at football :-). The best guy on our football team got a fullride scholarship to UCLA and USC cuase he's got skills. He first chose UCLA, but changed his mind to USC :=). maybe one day ill see him on tv. i should get his autograph now before he graduates then sell it on ebay once he becomes famous<br/>
Oh, and by the way, I think that "coat hanger" is a tie hanger. My dad has one of those.
These are really cool. They look like they help a lot to get organized. +1!
step 4 is especially rad to me. cool thx.
yeah! that's my favorite one just because it's so simple and obvious. i don't kn ow why it was never done before -_-
8 is so useful to me, thx +1
no, thank you :-) ahah yeah it is for me too becuase i always managed to smash my fingers :(
Very Good Ideas! I especially like the shot of driving a screw in with a hammer...never thought of trying that!
Not an Instructable, BUT, this is actually really good ideas. If you show tips on tools, you can add it to the Tool Tips Month challenge.<br/>And by the way, your sister looks A LOT like my friend at school.<br/>Does her name start with a <em><strong>C</strong></em>?<br/>
haha no, her name starts with an H. haha i should do a tool tip thing. i want an instructables shirt! I'll try adding stuff fwith more detailed instructions. i did a cursory job cuase it was the midnight before school and i knew that if i didnt do it then, id never get to it. :-) thanks for the input
Oh, darn. You <em>should</em> do a tool tip thing.<br/>And me too, I want a Robot T-Shirt <em>SO BAD!!!</em><br/>Kiteman has 6 (I think).<br/>
kiteman is my hero. All his instructables are so useful. i'm just not as clever as he is. and he is so informed. kiteman, if you're out there, win me a shirt! :-)
the binder hanger is very neat. i just drilled one to my desk. thanks!
LOL it is! i was cleaning out my school binder becuase the semester ended and as i was doing it, it ripped down the crease. so i just took it apart and noticed that the rings were still in good shape. ahha it was totally on impulse and didnt even think it would come out that great. i have it on my desk too aahha
Lots of cool ideas. The only thing I see that could be better would be to flip the images of the short lamp upright instead of sideways.
thanks! yeah, the images are sideways becuase iwas doing this the midnight before school, which was today, and so i just did a cursory job and meant to fix it tonight. ahha thanks for the input!
this is not an instructable. great little ideas, but not an instructable.
Sure it is. Its a collection of ideas. If any thing this is a mega- instructable. The projects are all self explanatory so no instructions are needed.
Some very good ideas. Practical ideas using ordinary items used in everyday life.

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