Picture of A Comic Book Geek's Guide To Health & Fitness
Comic book fans come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're skinny like Plastic Man, big like The Thing (Ben Grimm), or somewhere in between, we all want to look like our favorite superheroes. Unfortunately, comic book geeks like us aren't known for our great physique.

Luckily for the rest of us, I have created a guide that has worked for me for most of my life. If I had to describe my body type to anyone, I would tell them to think of Spider-Man. I never had to struggle with my weight but these tips have helped me gain and keep my new muscles. These tips are especially good if you want to look your best for cosplay season. I'm talking to you cosplayers! Here are my tips for getting that superhero body.

Step 1: Tip #1:Soda Bad/Water Good

Picture of Tip #1:Soda Bad/Water Good
This might be the hardest thing to do but....you have to stop drinking sodas. I'm not saying stop drinking them forever, just stop drinking them at home. Get rid of all your soda at home and start drinking water instead. Your body turns excess sugars into stored body fat so drinking sugar-loaded sodas all the time is not good for you.
You look like niga higas friend
jmuneio3 years ago
thank you for this AMAZING advice...it really worked for me and i "beefed" up so so so much
I eat 5 meals a day breakfast lunch snack supper snack but i eat lightly and also jog and lift hoss weights as my username suggests :P is this fine?
DANgerous124 (author)  hossweightlifter4 years ago
If you are going for a bodybuilder-like physique, you would have to eat a lot more food to get the certain amount of protein that you need to gain/maintain your muscles. This guide is more for people who want to maintain their weight, lose weight, or gain a few extra muscles. If that's what you're going for, I'd suggest just eating a small, healthy meal/snack every 2-3 hours or so.
i drink a protein shake after my workouts does that amount of protein equal a small meal?
DANgerous124 (author)  hossweightlifter4 years ago
I guess so. I'd add a peanut butter & jelly sandwich in there with your protein shake. A pb&j sandwich or actually ice cream would make for a good post-workout snack.
Qsam4 years ago
i was just asking
DANgerous124 (author)  Qsam4 years ago
What were you asking?
Qsam Qsam4 years ago
sry i didnt read it throu
Ha This is Great! Nice Job.