A Comprehensive Altoids Personal Survival/Everyday Carry Tin





Introduction: A Comprehensive Altoids Personal Survival/Everyday Carry Tin

Version 1.0 

Everyday I carry the following on me at a MINIMUM: 2 knives, 2 firestarters, 2 flashlights, 2 multi tools, 2 paracord accessories and - of course - this Altoids survival kit [which I am in the process of duplicating into an Altoids Smalls Tin].  I also have 2 bugout bags [BOB] and 2 emergency kits in my car; for both the BOB and emergency kit there is a smaller one in reach and a larger one in the back [needless to say, I believe in the importance of redundancy.]  

I say this because I built this kit for the express purpose of always having survival items on or near me without the need to rely on my layered everyday carry [EDC] survival capabilities or BOBs.  If SHTF, I need to know that I could survive if I had to run out the door with just this in my pajama pockets!  And yes, I do keep this on me even in PJs but that's more for its EDC uses rather than it being a personal survival kit [PSK]...  :)

Now that you know that I don't include my other EDC items as part of this kit, let's go over the kit's philosophy of use [POU]...

When you think about what separates man from animals, what 3 things come to mind? Intelligence, tools and fire come to mine. With these 3 things alone man was catapulted from surviving to thriving.  This kit is designed to give a person what they need to make it in the wild until their eventual rescue.

In addition to evening the playing field in a survival situation, this kit's POU is also for EDC. I can't tell you how many times I've used this mini multi tool and flashlight and a few times I've been extremely thankful I had emergency cash. 

Now that you know this kit's designed purpose, let's dive into its contents:

CRKT Ritter Mk5 fixed blade knife
Bear Grylls Mini Multi-tool
Streamlight Nano flashlight
Waterproof matches
Potable Aqua water purification tablets
SOL FireLite fire starter
4 strips of Gorilla Tape [1" wide] 
Razor blade
Military version of Rite in the Rain paper 
2 cotton balls
$20 bill
Striker for matches
2 needles
2 pins
1 spool of dental floss
2 fishing hooks
2 fishing sinkers
2 closure strips
2 bandaids
ziplock bag [1 liter]
2 rubberbands
Alcohol prep pad

For your convenience I've hyperlinked several of these items. The intended POU for each item is annotated on the image.

Now that I've listed all the items of my kit, I have some final thoughts I'd like to share:

This kit is intended to be useful for ANYone to carry - from soccer moms to Bear Grylls. 

Secondly, main critique I have with other Altoids survival kits that I've seen [on this site, survivalist forums and Youtube] is that most do not have a reliable knife.  Most have either a weak blade often in the form of a razor blade but hardly any have a trusted knife. I know creating an Altoids survival tin is often done as a fun challenge but I still find it a little annoying when the most important survival tool is left out.  

Finally, I still have SOME space left in my kit.  I intentionally left this in anticipation of getting suggestions on what else I should include in this kit. I have a few ideas but I'd like to see what y'all suggest.

Please let me know your suggestions on how I could improve this kit!  :)

God bless!

See more of my DIY survival kits at http://www.youtube.com/user/BudgetBugout



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    The reason a lot of the Altoid Survival Kits don't have knives is because many of us carry them where they can be reached quickly. I carry a multi-function tool on my belt and at least one clip knife in my pocket.  My LED, whistle and several other 'tools' are instantly available.

    Each item you selected is important and I like your redundancy.

    The MOST IMPORTANT thing you reminded us of is: Keep Your Gear Within Reach. IF you are hanging from a seat belt after a car wreck, you can reach your glove box which usually remains closed. Loose gear can be thrown out of reach. A trunk kit is useless unless you can get to it.

    Keep Thinking - Preparing & Sharing! Survivor Jack

    Great survival kit! I would recommend adding a signaling mirror in the roof or floor of the tin.

    Buen pulido el fondo, hace las veces de espejo

    Quizás agregaría una de esas tarjetas de supervivencia del tamaño de las tarjetas de crédito.

    You all forget one important ingredient... HONEY.... it is antibacterial and can go on wounds, calms nerves, and many other uses... it can be placed in straws and carried. I use the straws for my food tin. I know about wild food. Salt just makes the rabbit taste better. you can use ash for salt as well. honey salt mixer with the brain of the animal tans the hide for longer survival.

    How about some thread, maybe waxed, to go with the needles? And some tweezers.

    Were you aware of the roll of dental floss and the tweezers on the mini-multitool?

    You mentioned the razor blade. single edge. mention it again.

    I didn't see the paracord but I'll look again now.

    I would glue sandpaper to the inside top to light the matches.

    Nice, practical choice of equipment to include. Since you asked for ideas, I have a few. First, I applaud you inclusion of money. So many problems are solved most easily by barter or trade. But, if you are truly in a SHTF situation, $20 might not be sufficient. How about 1/10 ounce gold pieces, the size of a dime and worth about $130 each when I write this. Tape a few next to that razor blade. Second, instead of cotton balls, how about a cotton handkerchief. Still works to cushion the cargo, still can be pulled apart for tinder, but will work as a cloth until then (water or air filter, wiper, big bandage, flag, etc.). Third, if you do want to carry cotton soaked in PJ, look into storing them in sealed sections of drinking straws; small and clean. Finally, I understand your reasons for a real Altoids can, but personally I hate those hard corners in my pants pocket, where I keep my EDC handy. I found zippered leather key cases much better for my use.