Picture of A Comprehensive Bail Out Bag

Edit: I've uploaded this bag to YouTube!  Feel free to check out my channel at: http://www.youtube.com/user/BudgetBugout

If Altoids Survival Tins are compact, yet largely often inadequate and bug-out bags are cumbersome and usually out of reach... What is the answer? Enter: the "bail out bag".

Bail out bags are the perfect compromise between a mini survival kit and a large bug out bag. In fact, you may surprise yourself how easy it is to meet your survival needs without the need of a giant bag.

To clarify, I do keep a comprehensive Altoids survival kit on me at all times [see my other instructable] and I also keep a 60 liter Osprey Aether backpack in the back of my vehicle full of SHTF gear as my 72 hour get home bag.  But if I'm suddenly thrown into a survival situation - such as a drunk driver knocking me off of a bridge in the middle of nowhere - then I only have one short window to reach for survival gear before the car fills with water. Also, if I carpool with a friend on a roadrip I can bring this bag with me or if I'm in a dual survival situation I can give this bag to the other person and I can carry my 72 hour bag. I can list off other random uses, but I think you get the point.  :)

First up: The bag
Mattakers1 year ago
Is kitty part of the kit? XD
Remember, "Two is one and One is none"
masterset72 years ago
I like your kitty
gross0672 years ago
Where did you get the Camo Knife Sheath case for your Ka Bar? I looked up Ka Bar knives on Amazon, but didn't see any that came with a similar sheath? Thanks for the ideas of what to pack!
Does the knife come with the pouch
BudgetBugout (author)  ferusfett0112 years ago
The pouch was added. It's a SOL survival kit that I picked up from Cabelas.
lhaley22 years ago
Where did you purchase your Ka-Bar, I've had trouble tracking a real one over all the cheap ones sold online.
BudgetBugout (author)  lhaley22 years ago
I got mine on Amazon. I've hyperlinked several items, including the Ka-Bar, to where I got them from under the breakdown section of my Instructable. :)
I mean which pouch is it
trisomy212 years ago
Looks pretty good! Though Bear Grylls survival guide kind of irks me, does it instruct you to consume your own urine and hop around like a Jack Russell Terrier?
BudgetBugout (author)  trisomy212 years ago
Haha! No not yet, maybe someday.
sysadmn2 years ago
Consider buying a used Swiss Army knife for each of your kits. That way, if the multitool is in the "wrong" kit, you still have backup. The Camper/Climber/Tinker/Huntsmen are good choices; I've found them for $10-15 ea. on eBay. I have one and an LED headlamp in the center console of all my cars.
BudgetBugout (author)  sysadmn2 years ago
Yeah I just might do that. I've been considering buying the Farmer Swiss Army knife for a while. I have the Esquire Swiss Army knife on my keychain and might upgrade it.
BudgetBugout (author) 2 years ago
Thanks everyone for your suggestions!  I have uploaded a video on my Ka-Bar survival kit on YouTube!

przem2 years ago
Great kit!
I like that you've included a cat in it. Cats are very versatile survival tools (containing hand/neck warmer, foghorn, rodent trap, back scratcher, night vision, music player etc.)
Best regards!
BudgetBugout (author)  przem2 years ago
Thanks! Haha true, cats also help reduce one's heart rate which conserves much needed calories in a survival situation!