Introduction: A Cool Bookmark

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in this instructable you will be making a cool bookmark which is completely customisable. (This is my first project for this website)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials/tools

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you will need:



coloured pens/pencils


hole punch

Step 2: Cutting the Card

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you will need to cut the card to your preferred size and then hole punch each corner or round the hole edge its up to you this is completely customisable.

Step 3: Put String Through the Holes

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Put the string the holes i found it was easiest to use one piece of string on each side rather than one long one you could use one colour on plait them together to make a cool design.

Step 4: Write Something

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next you will need to write something so you know which page you are on you could right anything from here to if u have a whiteboard cut a small square of it and right the page number on.

Step 5: Design

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now its all up to you who wants a boring white bookmark when you can have a cool multi coloured one you can put any design from the first letter of your name to a cool pattern just like me.


Swansong (author)2017-01-04

Thanks for sharing :)

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