A Couple of Wire Coat Hanger Tools




Introduction: A Couple of Wire Coat Hanger Tools

 Wire coat hangers have infinite uses.  I'll show you a few different ideas. They're nice and simple; they'll probably take you about 40 min. to an hour.
First up, we have a 'Grim Reaper scythe' letter opener. I cut a piece of wire about 7" long and gently curved the top 2 3/4" into a scythe blade shape. I hammered it flat, trimmed the blade and made some final adjustments before sharpening, which was done on a combination of bench grinder and dremel with a grinding stone. I polished it up and was done
Next up, there is another letter opener, this one designed to look like a Greek Kopis. The process was roughly the same for this as it was for the scythe; cut, hammered, bent, sharpened. However I added a small hook on the end to act as both a means of hanging the kopis and to make it look more authentic. I painted the handle with Plasti-Dip to give it a better grip.
Last but not least, we have a pass key to any lock that can be opened from the outside by finding the little slot in the hole in the door handle. I cut a section of wire and wrapped one end around a 3/8" rod to form a ring handle. I then hammered the non-ring end so that it became broader and thinner. (Yes, I know that sound backward) Finally, I cut the flat end and sanded it smooth.

That's it!



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