A Customizable Yet Fashionable Bookmark


Introduction: A Customizable Yet Fashionable Bookmark

About: I like making things out of paper and yarn. The easy way: I am a crafty person.

This is a bookmark I made myself. The materials you need are:
- two pieces of blank paper
- coloured masking tape, any colour (you could use white but preferably coloured)
- clear tape
- scissors
- two colours of yarn or paracord about 1 metre in length
- hole puncher

For the first part, you need to fold one piece of paper in half, in half, in half, and in half again. Fold it four times crosswise then add coloured masking tape on the open side. Then, start covering the piece of paper with the masking tape until the paper is completely covered. After you put on the first coat, it's time to cut the corners or round it. Then, cut a piece of paper like on the picture, then round the corners. Tape the piece of paper onto the front side of the bookmark. Then, start covering your bookmark with clear tape to make it waterproof. If you think this is too thick, crease well on the sides of the bookmark. Now, use the hole puncher to punch a hole on the opposite side of the piece of paper. I know this is pretty hard because it is too thick to punch a hole in. When you have punched the hole, take your yarn or paracord and find the centre. When you have found it, insert the centre in to the hole in the bookmark and start weaving the cobra weave. If you do not know how to weave this kind of weave, click this link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Survival-Bracelet/step3/The-Cobra-Weave/ If this link does not work, just copy this URL and paste it on your address bar. It is done the same way. When you have finished, the bookmark is now ready for use! Simple, right? ENJOY!



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    I want to do this! This is so awesome!!! I can't wait for me to make one. I'll send a picture...

    sorry this is too thin. make it three times fold.

    And you can adjust the length by adding more paper before wrapping it with masking tape, or just fold it lengthwise until you think if it is wide enough, then cover it with masking tape.

    On the paper, you can actually write your name before covering it with clear tape.