There is an DIY AFM workshop with one hobbyist from the States and one professor from India. They assembled their own DIY AFM within 2 hours crafting time.

Here is a link to previous project:


Step 1: Preparing the Parts Before Assembly......

Finish edges of the parts.

Step 2: This Time...we Use Instant Glue....

In stead of solder, all the structures are glued by instant glue, which makes assembly easier and healthier.

Step 3: Wiring the Scanner....

Use solder iron for wiring cables of the scanner.

Step 4: Gluing the Z Axis Transducer of the Scanner

Very important!

Step 5: Assembling the AFM Head

Again....glue everything.....

Step 6: ​The Optical and Mechanical Parts Are Done!

Just put one magnet on top of the Z transducer.

Step 7: Performance Evaluation

The optomechanical part is connected to a AFM controller

Step 8: Low Cost AFM Calibration Sample: DVD Data Tracks

Use the DVD data tracks (pitch= 740 nm) for calibrating scanning range of the scanner.

Step 9: Measuring the AFM Calibration Sample (NT MDT TGQ1)

The DIY AFM with economy AFM controller can successfully measure height of square calibration features 20 nm with contact mode.


Step 10: Measuring 1.4 Nm Features on the TGQ1

Surprisingly we found that the DIY AFM can work with non-contact mode (attractive interaction between atoms caused by van-der-Waals forces) which resolves 1.4 nm height feature on the TGQ1.


Step 11: The DIY AFM With Advanced Controller

The DIY AFM with advanced AFM controller can clearly see the DVD data tracks when operated in AC (Tapping) mode.

Step 12: The DIY AFM With Advanced Controller

20 nm Squares and 1.4 nm features are clearly seen.

Step 13: Measuring Nano Particles

Step 14: Resolution Limit Test....

The DIY AFM system with 12bits controller can resolve 0.5 nm which is similar to height of 2 carbon atom layers on HOPG (Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite) surface.

<p>Hello Dr. Hwu,</p><p>This is an amazing project! A very useful analytical tool. </p><p>My students will love this project.</p><p>Could you please send me more information ( files, schematics, etc) about this project? Look forward to hearing from you soon.<br>Kindly,<br>Roberto</p><p>rsuarez@unpa.edu.mx</p><p>rsuarez270473@hotmail.com</p>
<p>Dear Dr. Hwu,</p><p>I am interested in learning more about this AFM project and would like to build one myself. Could you send me more information like schematics and instructions.</p><p>Thank you,</p><p>sean.kula@gmail.com</p>
Dear Dr. Hwu,<br>This is a very successful project.Congratulations.Could you please send me more information ( files, schematics) about this project?Thank you for your help.Have a nice day.<br><br>pemberun@yahoo.com
<p>Hello Professor Hwu,</p><p>This is really an awesome project. I would like to try it. Can you send me the additional schematics and code? Thank you in advance</p><p>elevisconti@libero.it</p><p>A PhD student<br></p>
<p>Dear Prof. Hwu,</p><p>I love this AFM project!</p><p>Please kindly email me the instructions at deusglory@yandex.com</p><p>Thanks!</p>
<p>Hello Dr. Hwu,</p><p>This is an amazing project! A very useful analytical tool. I never ever imagined making an AFM on my own. Could you please send me more information ( files, schematics, etc) about this project? Look forward to hearing from you soon.<br>Kindly,<br>Chris</p><p>cboggs18@gmail.com</p>
<p>Hi, Dr. Hwu,<br>your project is very nice, I never ever imagined making an<br> AFM on my own. I would be <br>really grateful if you could help me with this project by sending me <br>more information ( files, schematics, etc) about this <br>project.<br>Sincerely yours,<br>mousavi_force@yahoo.com</p>
<p>Please send me the schematics of the parts. Do you have gerbers for the PCB's? My email address is isaac@revsci.com.</p><p>Isaac</p>
<p>Please start with a BOM at the beginning and their price.</p><p>What is the price of all these components when buying them at an online supplier?</p>
<p>How do I send you?</p>
<p>Please put that information in the instructable.</p>
Hi Dr.Hwu,<br>The DIY AFM is really an Intriguing project. I just wanna built one by myself~ Could you send me the BOM, schem, software, etc.<br>Thanks a lot.<br>xoidxerg@gmail.com
<p>Dear Dr.Hwu,</p><p>I am interested in building a homemade AFM! I am from Greece and find your project extremely fascinating. Could you please provide me with schematics and materials needed? My email is : tasoskoulouklidis@gmail.com</p><p>Thank you in advance,</p><p>Tasos</p>
<p>Sent :)</p>
<p>my name is Trushant and i am from India. i am interested in making afm microscope so can you provide me with schematics and materials. thank you</p>
<p>Maybe you can semd me email.</p>
Hi, Dr. Hwu,<br>your project is awesome, I never ever imagined making an AFM on my own, I think I'm lucky to meet you Dr. Hwu, I would be really grateful if you could help me with this project by sending me more information ( files, schematics, etc) about this mind blowing project.<br>I appreciate it in advance.<br>Mohsen.beglou@gmail.com
<p>Your project is so great. I like it very much. please send the reference to my Email: <a href="mailto:yuenchunkwong@gmail.com" rel="nofollow">yuenchunkwong@gmail.com</a>. And I would like to share it with my students. Thanks</p>
<p>Sorry for late reply Or2...It's sent.</p>
i want to make this project by my own to i tried but big fail plz help me if u can help me with all diagram also and all coding my id is sandeep200828@gmail.com hope for help thanku do reply ......
<p>sorry for delayed answer....Or2...</p>
<p>I'm working with a coatings start-up (3 people) and we need a very low cost AFM to look at our polymer coatings on nano-particles. Is it possible to share the other parts of this project - the DVD head + PZ driver schematics + software links? This is a GREAT project. I'd be happy to build an extra one and donate it to our local high school. john@jstockton.com</p>
<p>Hi John, thank you for your comment. I am not taking care of the DIY AFM. My student will contact you.</p>
<p>hello sir</p><p> i want to make AFM and plz help me to regarding the data of afm i have tried of my owm of afm but i had a big fail plz help me thanku</p>
<p>Where is the link of your previous projects? Thanks</p>
Add DXF files or plans pdf ?
<p>You can check the previous project.</p>
This Instructable, along with the reference Instructable, is astonishing. I think it would be well received in any science education journal (NSTA). This represents an accessible, low cost project for a very advanced and powerful scientific instrument. It's as important to education (and even more impressive) as the DIY Thermocycler for PCR. Thank you. Projects like these will usher in a new accessible science age.
<p>Hi, thanks for you comment! The DIY AFM is my hobby project, I may try to submit this work to science education journals you suggested. I hope this system can help Citizen/Amateur Scientists around the world for their own research.</p>

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