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Hi this is my first instructable so please don't be harsh in the comments. This gun has six barrels and each one fires 2 bullets. NOTE...This is a rapid fire gun.

Step 1: What U Need

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u need 8 red connectors three yellow rods two grey things one white connector and one rubber band Note.....u have to do this six times

Step 2: The Fireing Pin

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this is how u make the fireing pin.

Step 3: Makeing the Barrel

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this is how u make the barrel: add the other grey piece to the yellow rod. Put 3 red connectors on the last yellow rod, then slide the grey piece onto that yellow rod until it touches the red connectors.

Step 4: Adding the Fireing Pin

Picture of Adding the Fireing Pin

Put the rest of the red connectors on the yellow rod to hold the 'trigger' in place. The smaller pictures show how to attach the firing pin and the rubber band.

Step 5: Puting It on the Frame

Picture of Puting It on the Frame

I created a frame to hold all 6 guns so I can fire them all by passing my hand over the triggers. If you are good with knex u can make the rest of the barrels by yourself and the frame might be hard so ............GET TO WORK!!!! :-)


crestind (author)2007-09-04

I have all the reason to complain, since your comment on my Instructable was nothing but spam. How old are you - 6? Well then, Mr. 6 year old, you should learn to cut your nails, thank you very much.

hexmuj3 (author)crestind2013-06-04

Oh my god haha, i was 10 when i made this! I'm turning 17 this November and found this bookmarked on my old computer. So many cringes reading my previous comments. Oh the nostalgia is to much! Thank you for the constructive criticism haha

crestind (author)hexmuj32013-06-06

lol no problem.

NatNoBrains (author)2010-12-18

Nice one...
Can't believe I didn't think of this!

iwantamakeagun (author)2009-10-10

It's ok and look at my picture!How bout making it portable but I like it.
How do you like it rate ten in my comment box and I'll give you the adress

liamjohnson (author)2009-08-02

Duble cheese

funguy29467 (author)2008-08-26

definetly one of the best iv made i give you a lot fo credit

hexmuj3 (author)funguy294672008-08-28

hey dude thanks ur like the only guy who thinks its cool and doessent think i copied it

builder968 (author)2008-06-29

i think i can mod it so that there are more barrels...

builder968 (author)builder9682008-06-29

...yes i can. should be up in a couple of months

newmariostar (author)2008-05-17

this is my knex a dozen gun (i added green bendie rods on the edges)

newmariostar (author)2008-05-14

it works perfect! should of gave instructions for the base. :-) :-(

J_SCAP (author)2007-09-16

im gona make a trap with a weight and a door and when some one opens the door the weight falls and the bullets go bwap bwap bwap bwap bwapb bwap *screatches* this is soooooooooo cooool :) im crazy right now i dont know why maby im dilusional

hexmuj3 (author)J_SCAP2008-02-05

crazy eh i no how u feel im all hiped up on suger.

hexmuj3 (author)2008-02-05

hey blackrod my bad i dident want to copy i diddent know ok so im sorry

bigfootduck (author)2008-01-27

cool instructable. :) Cowscankill, what do you have against Hexmuj3? he didn't do anything to you. Just keep your comments to yourself if ur gonna be like that.

Kaiven (author)2007-09-03

yeah...blackrod already posted a nice version of this, and you copied him? and if you want to talk to someone, press the REPLY button

hexmuj3 (author)Kaiven2007-09-03

just be nice i didin't know that blackrod had done the same thing so please just stop telling me that blackrod did the same thing!!!

Kaiven (author)hexmuj32007-09-03 touchy eh?

crestind (author)Kaiven2007-09-04

Yeah, that's what I was thinking... You should see his spam on my Instructable...

Kaiven (author)crestind2007-09-05

which one? or do you only have that ast rifle instructable?

crestind (author)2007-09-04

Good, clear pictures though. :) Just cut down on the spam is all.

crestind (author)2007-09-04

Your comment irritated me... so I will do the same... omfg i said be nice!!!11!!!1!1!!11!! wat is this "constructive criticism you speak of" omgasdfjasdfl om i didnt know it was the same all i want u ppl to do is say omg ur so awesome hexmuj3 you are a knex god there is absolutely nothing wrong with your guns omg23asflksdjagasj

Smidge146 made one of these it was in a gun and it was automatic fire

If i want to be harsh then i will!

crestind (author)2007-09-04

This has been done, and I do not appreciate your spam on my Instructable to advertise your own...

BLACKROD (author)2007-09-04

Hmmm... It looks OK. The frame is different than mine, it has more lightness, and its made different.

Darth Trainman (author)2007-09-03

Well, Its already been done...

Vynash (author)2007-09-03

nice but i agree with everyone it has been done but good job

hexmuj3 (author)2007-09-03

I didn't know I copied anyone - I thought I made this on my own. If it is the same as BLACKROD's, sorry about that!

Easy Button (author)2007-09-03

Ya,this has already been done.

Whaleman (author)2007-09-02

It has already been done by BLACKROD

Mad Cat (author)2007-09-02

Complicated? It is extremely easy.

flames10391 (author)2007-09-02

i was just about to make something like this but with like 20 barrels 10 on each side lol cool though

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