A Desk With the Magic of 3D Printing





Introduction: A Desk With the Magic of 3D Printing

I had the Problem that my old desk was unstable and a little bit
wobbly, so I wanted a new one, but big desks which can handle more then a pc mouse and a keyboard are very expensive. So I decided to make my one one ... And I wanted to do it the with magic of 3D printing :-)

Step 1: Design

I checked the local building supplies store for wood which I can use for my table. I decided me for construction wood 70X70 and designed my ideas in Fusion 360. To get a real strong connection between the wood parts I used hidden metal flat connectors and metal brackets ...

Step 2: 3d Printing

I used 4 - 5 kg silver PLA, I printed it with a wall thickness of 2mm and an infill of 40% ... The big parts needed more than a day, but there are so strong that I can stand on it ... Inside there is some space for the flat connectors and the brackets ...

Step 3: Assembling

The assembling was very easy, I stuck the parts together and fixed all with a lot of screws ...

Step 4: Cost

10 m construction wood 70X70: 40€

metal flat connectors, metal brackets and 400 screws: 30€

5kg silver PLA: 65€

tabletop 1600X1100 from building supplies store: 80€

or in my case a routed tabletop with wood veneer from a carpenter: 200€



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    Where are the stl files available at