A Display of Love


Introduction: A Display of Love

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While viewing Restoration Hardware’s spring 2016 online catalog of decor items, we noticed glass cloches filled with collectible objects and thought they’d make an easy & personal decor piece. These were the inspiration for this subtle & quick Valentine’s decoration. It’s a nice addition to a winter table-scape decor.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools.

Materials & Tools

  • Alphabet buttons—we used the word “love"
  • Wood skewer sticks
  • Spray paint
  • Sculpey clay or any non-hardening clay (non-hardening so everything is removal so the glass dome can be used again)
  • Glass dome with bottom
  • Glue—I used hot glue
  • Scissors or wire cutters (something to cut the wood skewers)
  • About a 1/2 cup of vase filler—we used plastic “ice” & flat marbles

Step 2: Glue Letters to Sticks, Let Dry.

  • Cut sticks so they fit inside dome
  • Spray paint letters/sticks, let dry

Step 3: Cover Bottom of Dome Base With About a 1/4” Thickness of Clay.

Step 4: Place Sticks Into Clay, Check Placement to Be Sure They Fit Under the Dome.

Step 5: Pour Vase Filler Into Glass Dome; Carefully Place Dome Over Wood Base.

Step 6: Done!



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    2 Discussions

    this is cool, but it's a little tricky and I don't have an art oven and that is a pretty big obstacle.

    1 reply

    We didn't bake it at all (although you can bake it in a regular oven). We wanted to be able to take it apart after the holiday.