Picture of A Dozen Red Origami Roses
A unique twist to the traditional giving of roses on Valentine's Day. Handmade origami roses are everlasting and inexpensive to make.
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Step 1: Inspiration

Picture of Inspiration
Looking for a unique way to convey my love, the idea of paper roses popped into my head. A quick Google search and it turned out it wasn't such an obscure idea.

The first result returned Bloom4ever a company that specialises in hand-made roses, and they were even nice enough to include a How to fold origami roses guide. The site lists dozen rose bouquets for $80.

Step 2: Equipment and Materials

Picture of Equipment and Materials
Only the most basic craft stationary is required, these include:
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • (Craft) Glue
  • Pens/Pencils

The most important material is the paper, unable tot find any origami paper, I had to settle for coloured A4 paper, and this turned out for the better. I used 80gsm A4 paper, as i didn't already have it, I purchased 100 sheets of red and green for $6.50 AUS. You may be able to borrow some coloured paper from your school or work, 1 sheet of coloured paper is required for the rose and 1 sheet of paper is required for the stem and leaves. You should experiment with different paper sizes and thickness to find what best works for yourself.

Other materials include:
  • clear transparent wrap (Cellophane) - to wrap the bouquet, around $2 from any Newsagency.
  • 1mm diameter wire - to make the rose stems, nice to have but not a requirement.
  • ribbon - to tie the bouquet or roses.

Step 3: Folding the rose

Picture of Folding the rose
This rose was designed by origami theorist Toshikazu Kawasaki.

Start with a sheet of A4 paper, and cut the paper into a square. I used a 17cm square as I found 21cm (width or A4 was too large), and 13cm (recommended by bloom4ever) was too difficult to fold.

I will not go through each folding step as there is numerous resources already available:
I used the bloom4ever instructions for the most part. Even though step 25 is broken into steps, I could not work out how to perform the 'twist' maneuver.

This YouTube video saved my life, big credit to the producer.

I have included my own version of the tricky part. It should also help.

Make as many rose heads as required.

Step 4: Stems

I found some 1.86mm copper wire lying around that could be used for the stems. The advantage of copper wire over a paper only stem is that the copper can be bent allowing for better arrangement of the individual roses in the bouquet.

The copper wire was first straightened by pulling on the wire with one end in a vice. Once straightened the wire was cut into 30cm lengths. Each wire was then rolled with green paper and the end glued. It is possible to make stems without the wire by only rolling paper.

I needed a simple method of attaching the stems to the rose heads. Each wire end was bent into a shape that allowed the rose heads to simply be twisted onto the wire. Glue was then applied.

An idea that I think would look good, is to make the rose heads from silver metalic paper, and keep the stems as copper or silver.

Step 5: Leaves

Picture of Leaves
After Googling rose leaf for ideas, basic leaf shapes were cut out of green paper. Each leaf had a little stipule allowing it to be glued to the main stem. There were two leaves per stem, glued in an alternate pattern.

Once the glue dried, the leaves were slightly bent through the centre axis and shaped to give a more appeasing look.

Step 6: Making the bouquet

Picture of Making the bouquet
A dozen roses were bunched and arranged together to form a bouquet. the stems were securely tied together with red ribbon.

Clear transparent wrap was used to wrap the bouquet and again fastened with ribbon.

A simple card was made to accompany to flowers.
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Link is broken, here's an alternative:
How to Make Paper Roses
star_empyre3 years ago
heh i'll probably try your 'ible for this year's valentine's!

thanks for the great ideas c:
maybe use a pipecleaner.
cutekitten5 years ago
 if a guy actually made this for me i would melt

I was thinking the same exact thing, lol....these are better than real roses ten fold:)
they're right about the kittens LOL, have you ever seen "josie and the pussycats"? "PUPPIES TURN INTO DOGS WHO GROW OLD AND DIE!" but i agree, i would love these. it's beautiful
i hate cats and kittens are worse they will become cats.Still want me to make roses for you?
kittens are awesome. especially when carried around in a teacup. 
that would suck for the guy.... spent all his time making roses and now he's gotta clean up his girlfriend... 
HA HA HA.... i lolled.
natsheh3 years ago
thanks, i made some, i love roses. this needs patience. it took some time making the roses so i just put them in a glass bowl. the next step is making stems and puting them in a proper vase.
cwix094 years ago
which rose pattern are you using on the bloom4ever website?
=3 cwix094 years ago
I think he is using the standard rose.
cwix09 =34 years ago
thanks equal sign three..
but valentines day was a couple days ago lol....
i figured it out though! :D
Aisha's roses.jpg
=3 cwix094 years ago
Lol, I never look at the dates/times. I'm sorry D: But good job at figuring it out. Took me 6 months to finally figure out how to "Square off" the rose. O_O :D
cwix09 =34 years ago
"O_O" is right
holy cow lol
i thought it took me along time to get it
like 4 and a half hours toiling away at it lol
persistence is key!
Great instructable!
Come on.....

It's not that hard (or maybe i'm just good at folding).

I did a jewelry rose:

Didn't even need a video. Just follow the instructions
jmorellini4 years ago
which rose is this for on the website? there are too many i am getting confused with..
please help
x_lovely4 years ago
This is so kool i'm so going to try this, except i don't think it will turn out as good as these :P
dkarczewski5 years ago
After a very long time and many failed attempts, came out pretty good.

Found this vid; ; and How to fold origami roses (bloom4ever) from the instructable to be the most help in the end...thanks very much to thydzik for the idea :)
made a bouquet for my girlfriend this valentine's day, and she loved it.
great 'ible, and thanks for posting extra resources.
 It took me FOREVER to figure out how to make the Kawasaki rose but after a couple hours of fiddling I figured it out.  You get better as you make them so some of mine look better than others.  Anyway, I thought I'd share my final project.
Paper rose.jpg
A little "tweak" I thought of while making these was that you can, with a scissors, round off the petals before you curl them back--it makes the roses look more realistic than with the square corners.  I had already made my dozen of them when I figured that out though :)
i spent ages trying again and again to do the twist, and kept getting it wrong until i finally worked out that the rose folds outwards rather than inwards. if you're having trouble at step 25, instead of bringing axis x up to axis y with the paper folding up towards you, try and do it so that the paper folds out away from you, and it works! i love these roses - thanks for these instructions!
kineticg6 years ago
nice but i can't get the last part where u have to form the petals. the video's too fast.
exacly the same. I've been trying for 2 days now and no results... I assume that making something myself is not for me. I looked at the written version too but step 25 is just impossible. I actually hate instructables I can't make.
Ditto.  I get to step 30, and it's like the instructions skipped a step, as it doesn't make any sense.  The video's a completely different method of folding, too.

I'll pass unless someone can clarify.
Splaxx5 years ago
That link also comes up forbidden.
origami1125 years ago
How did you get the paper so tight around the wire? I tried several times but never managed to get it even remotely tight. Do you have any tips on that?
kajin415 years ago
for future reference origami is classified as just folded paper no glue multiple pieces should be joined by a friction fit. you may add that to your introduction.
phalanx4475 years ago
My first turned out a little rough, but that's simply how oragami (or anything hand made, for that matter) goes. I expect my first 5 to be attempts to be just that- attempts, and then after that, they'll be good to go.

With a little creativity, I managed to get it to work. Thanks! A great idea for a gift.
hoverfrog5 years ago
Well I now have a screwed up ball of paper.  Unfortunately I can't see how the paper is twisted at the 3 min 20 sec mark.  Oh well.
SantaB5 years ago
Your "How to fold origami roses" link is broken or forbidden... just thought I would let you know.
SRVfan59 SantaB5 years ago
The link ( worked for me
codongolev5 years ago
I personally like the magic box origami rose. pretty hard to make, but amazing result. 
well now..... only three days till valentines day, and im poor... haha thanks. but where did you get the plastic stuff to wrap atound them? i have known how to make these forever. i just wish i had some purple paper, or even pink...
 dude, you are amazing!  i made a modified version of these for valentines day for my girlfriend and she loved them! thanks for the instructable! my version will be coming soon.
frediojoe5 years ago
nyn made a mistry blob
I understand it up until you FOLD the paper!  This is overly hard...there are easier version that look just as good...I have never seen origami this hard before.
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