Step 3: Folding the rose

Picture of Folding the rose
This rose was designed by origami theorist Toshikazu Kawasaki.

Start with a sheet of A4 paper, and cut the paper into a square. I used a 17cm square as I found 21cm (width or A4 was too large), and 13cm (recommended by bloom4ever) was too difficult to fold.

I will not go through each folding step as there is numerous resources already available:
I used the bloom4ever instructions for the most part. Even though step 25 is broken into steps, I could not work out how to perform the 'twist' maneuver.

This YouTube video saved my life, big credit to the producer.

I have included my own version of the tricky part. It should also help.

Make as many rose heads as required.
cwix094 years ago
which rose pattern are you using on the bloom4ever website?
=3 cwix094 years ago
I think he is using the standard rose.
cwix09 =34 years ago
thanks equal sign three..
but valentines day was a couple days ago lol....
i figured it out though! :D
Aisha's roses.jpg
=3 cwix094 years ago
Lol, I never look at the dates/times. I'm sorry D: But good job at figuring it out. Took me 6 months to finally figure out how to "Square off" the rose. O_O :D
cwix09 =34 years ago
"O_O" is right
holy cow lol
i thought it took me along time to get it
like 4 and a half hours toiling away at it lol
persistence is key!
Come on.....

It's not that hard (or maybe i'm just good at folding).

I did a jewelry rose:


Didn't even need a video. Just follow the instructions
i spent ages trying again and again to do the twist, and kept getting it wrong until i finally worked out that the rose folds outwards rather than inwards. if you're having trouble at step 25, instead of bringing axis x up to axis y with the paper folding up towards you, try and do it so that the paper folds out away from you, and it works! i love these roses - thanks for these instructions!
hoverfrog5 years ago
Well I now have a screwed up ball of paper.  Unfortunately I can't see how the paper is twisted at the 3 min 20 sec mark.  Oh well.
blueevil5 years ago
nices :D
ppprfldr5 years ago
i need a video for the pajarita.com instructions, any body, please help!
stevenh4295 years ago
worst video ever
OMG!! I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Jannis6 years ago
Go to http://www.bloom4ever.com/howto/howto01.php and follow the steps. Its explained very good. Except for one very difficult step. THEREFORE you will need the youtube video. It helps :-)
okay, I was lost after the first three minutes of that video. All it was doing was folding in half a bunch of times i cant remember.
lilbios6 years ago
after 3 minutes.. I get really confused
bleachyum6 years ago
gah i'm still confused!!! i'm getting frustrated so easily.... i don't understand how'd you get that fold line... and what doyou do with the rest??