Step 6: Making the bouquet

Picture of Making the bouquet
A dozen roses were bunched and arranged together to form a bouquet. the stems were securely tied together with red ribbon.

Clear transparent wrap was used to wrap the bouquet and again fastened with ribbon.

A simple card was made to accompany to flowers.
Very nice, I was already planning on doing most of this for "Her" birthday just needed ideas on the Stem
pavlina6 years ago
very nice
wow very nice! *adds mental bookmark for next year* you wouldnt happen to be a scientist, would you? you wrote most of that in the passive voice, something you tend to find in scientific writing.
thydzik (author)  zoundsPadang7 years ago
thanks mate. haha, not a scientist, but an engineer, why writing style probably comes from all the report writing back in the university days.