My kids love Halloween and I am trying to get better..slowly but surely I will get there.

Step 1: Angel Mask

This is a basic plastic craft store mask and crayola air dry clay the clay like stuff not the foam like stuff, I had an image of the angel I referenced to build the shape. I was worried about uneven drying and set it under a lamp it dried pretty well but I took more precautions later.

Step 6: Angel Wings

So the wings are made from a large washing machine box, and heavy weight watercolor paper, duct tape and paint. I traced out general shapes and  layered the pieces to give a feather-like effect.

Step 16: Wig

Nice and easy blue multicolored yarn I could find no grey but then spray  paint all except dress portion with stone fleck spray paint. The dress portion  I used this cool converter that makes all paints into a spraypaint so I used a stone fabric paint with white ,black and grey high and low lights. Oh and if you use a wig form cover your head with paper.. spray paint corrodes foam...oops

Step 18:

cool stuff

Step 21: Mask Fear Solutions

So i went around the edges with glue , yep any place I thought would crack I put glue on ,the cracks actually worked and it is still fine.

Step 22:

oh and grey paint
I just recently made a weeping angel mask :) take a look <br> <br>
very cool see my above comment
That is awesome great job....I kinda want to make more now :]
Oh, this is great, but it would save my stiff neck if you rotated the images on your PC, then uploaded them again!
The mask turned out so well! The weeping angels are definitely my favorite Doctor Who baddies.
&quot;weeping Angel&quot;
yeah I know, it is a running thing in the house :}

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