Introduction: A Dr.Who Don't Blink(weeping) Angel for Freya

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My kids love Halloween and I am trying to get better..slowly but surely I will get there.

Step 1: Angel Mask

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This is a basic plastic craft store mask and crayola air dry clay the clay like stuff not the foam like stuff, I had an image of the angel I referenced to build the shape. I was worried about uneven drying and set it under a lamp it dried pretty well but I took more precautions later.

Step 2:

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Step 5:

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Step 6: Angel Wings

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So the wings are made from a large washing machine box, and heavy weight watercolor paper, duct tape and paint. I traced out general shapes and  layered the pieces to give a feather-like effect.

Step 7:

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Step 8:

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Step 16: Wig

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Nice and easy blue multicolored yarn I could find no grey but then spray  paint all except dress portion with stone fleck spray paint. The dress portion  I used this cool converter that makes all paints into a spraypaint so I used a stone fabric paint with white ,black and grey high and low lights. Oh and if you use a wig form cover your head with paper.. spray paint corrodes foam...oops

Step 17:

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Step 18:

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cool stuff

Step 19:

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Step 21: Mask Fear Solutions

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So i went around the edges with glue , yep any place I thought would crack I put glue on ,the cracks actually worked and it is still fine.

Step 22:

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oh and grey paint


doctorwhogurl (author)2012-08-02

I just recently made a weeping angel mask :) take a look

Jerrib (author)doctorwhogurl2012-08-02

very cool see my above comment

Jerrib (author)2012-08-02

That is awesome great job....I kinda want to make more now :]

Kiteman (author)2012-04-27

Oh, this is great, but it would save my stiff neck if you rotated the images on your PC, then uploaded them again!

jessyratfink (author)2012-04-27

The mask turned out so well! The weeping angels are definitely my favorite Doctor Who baddies.

Bongmaster (author)2012-04-26

"weeping Angel"

Jerrib (author)Bongmaster2012-04-26

yeah I know, it is a running thing in the house :}

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