A European Style Waffle. (this stuff is lush)

Picture of A European Style Waffle. (this stuff is lush)
During your long and often exiting holidays you often come across a hidden wonder, maybe a perfect souvenir or a free buck or so. Sometimes it may be more interesting like a sports hero or bill gates or if your sad it could be some nice food. Yep that was what i got from my trip to France this winter while i was skiing. I know what i say sounds boring but it was a delicious tastes it had caramel and goey inners with a crisp top. I was tottaly drawn to recreating it. I have been needlessly through books and the internet to finnaly find this particular recipe. Not a single one had it. That was it i had to find it myself, i was a half acomplished cook and had a reasonable guess at the recipe each time making new parts and adding ingredients. (some of which were harder to find than others) but i cracked it. It was the glory a hacker gets from breacking a code, pure bliss. So here i am now putting europes waffle against americas.

(By the way this took about 20 recorded attempts to get it right so your in for a treat, a sweet treat.)

Sorry for all the WAFFLE (lol) the pics took a while to load.

Step 1: The Ingredients

For around 15 Waffles (mine made 16) you will need:

-500 grams of plain flour.
-1 Teaspoon or sachet of yeast.
-A mixture of 125ml of water and milk.
-50 grams of sugar. (for the dough)
-1 Large Egg.
-120 grams of Marge.
-25 grams of honey (equivelent to about a tablespoon)
-50 grams Ground Almonds
-1 Teaspoon of vannilla essence.
-1 Teaspoon Bicarbonate of Soda.

For the Beaded or pearl sugar you will need:

-300 grams sugar
-3 Tablespoons of water.
EmilyGrow1 year ago

very good. pearl sugar recipe is KEY, and I've been enjoying making it a bunch.

rnusse3 years ago
Nice! If you want the equipment you can get this here: http://swaffels.com as well as other similar recipes. Pearl sugar really need a high temperature when baking and domestic irons are not that great for this purpose.
Bindlestiff4 years ago
These look great! A couple questions:

Regarding the milk and water mixture, should it be equal parts milk and water? How much milk and how much water?

What is marge? Is it the same thing as margarine?
SNiPERSeyes5 years ago
a lota work to make a delicious waffle...
reminds me of the waffles that i used to eat back when i lived in poland
DWRead7 years ago
I remember these!--not from Europe, but New York City. There was a tiny shop across the street from Bloomingdale's--I think it was called The Belgian Waffler--and they sold just this type of waffle. I searched for a recipe but never found one that had the pockets of sugar in a yeast dough. Can't wait to try these--thanks! D.W.
SaFemme DWRead5 years ago
That makes sense - these waffles originate from South Belgium in the city of Liège.
SaFemme5 years ago
Hey - thanks for the help with my pearl sugar problem! I live in Belgium, but have friends in America that want to make these waffles - and sending bags of sugar gets expensive! But you know, you could have just ran a search for Liege Waffles (or "Gaufres de Liège") to make your quest a lot easier (for the recipe, not for the sugar!). But anyway, thanks again and great work!
Spacecoyote7 years ago
You should try stroopwafles.
Flumpkins7 years ago
I like waffles
hooloovoo338 years ago
I'm going to try them today. Does it make a difference if you use butter instead of margarine?
Mr Tenacious (author)  hooloovoo337 years ago
hey did u eva make the waffles
Mr Tenacious (author)  hooloovoo338 years ago
did u make them?
Mr Tenacious (author)  hooloovoo338 years ago
i'm not sure i've never tried. you can tho, tell me wot u think
hooloovoo338 years ago
Yummmmmm. But three rises?! Man, you gotta be committed to make these waffles.
Mr Tenacious (author)  hooloovoo338 years ago
ya but there worth every min of it they are nice