Step 4: Beaded or Pearl Sugar.

To make the pearl sugar put 300 grams of sugar in to a pot and turn the heat on, add around 2 tablespoons of water and stir the mixture so it crysterlises. The sugar should stick together in lumps, however if you get a smooth mixture turning to caramel add a little more water and try again. The pieces should be moderatly sized with a few smaller and bigger bits like below. The sugar should be slightly tainted golden but not fully caramelised.
<p>very good. pearl sugar recipe is KEY, and I've been enjoying making it a bunch.</p>
Nice! If you want the equipment you can get this here: http://swaffels.com as well as other similar recipes. Pearl sugar really need a high temperature when baking and domestic irons are not that great for this purpose.
These look great! A couple questions:<br><br>Regarding the milk and water mixture, should it be equal parts milk and water? How much milk and how much water?<br><br>What is marge? Is it the same thing as margarine?
a lota work to make a delicious waffle...<br /> reminds me of the waffles that i used to eat back when i lived in poland <br />
I remember these!--not from Europe, but New York City. There was a tiny shop across the street from Bloomingdale's--I think it was called The Belgian Waffler--and they sold just this type of waffle. I searched for a recipe but never found one that had the pockets of sugar in a yeast dough. Can't wait to try these--thanks! D.W.
That makes sense - these waffles originate from South Belgium in the city of Li&egrave;ge.
Hey - thanks for the help with my pearl sugar problem! I live in Belgium, but have friends in America&nbsp;that want to make these waffles -&nbsp;and sending bags&nbsp;of sugar gets expensive!&nbsp;But you know, you could have just ran a search for Liege Waffles (or &quot;Gaufres de Li&egrave;ge&quot;) to make your quest a lot easier (for the recipe, not for the sugar!). But anyway, thanks again and great work!
You should try <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stroopwafel">stroopwafles</a>.<br/>
I like waffles
I'm going to try them today. Does it make a difference if you use butter instead of margarine?
hey did u eva make the waffles
did u make them?
i'm not sure i've never tried. you can tho, tell me wot u think
Yummmmmm. But three rises?! Man, you gotta be committed to make these waffles.
ya but there worth every min of it they are nice

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