Picture of A Fancy Origami Box
This is a really fancy origami box it can be used to hold sweets like chocolate or candy or it can be used as a nice decoration. Requires only one piece of origami or square paper It is extremely easy to make if you follow the steps correctly. Have fun! READ THE STEPS!

Step 1: The First Step OMG!

Picture of The First Step OMG!
ORigami 002.jpg
ORigami 003.jpg
First of all you take the origami paper and fold it in half diagonally and open it up and fold it diagonally again then you open it up again it is supposed to form an X
Mothys (author) 5 years ago
hmmmm >.> *looks over at related bar* what does a ham sandwich have to do with this instructable
laycie5 years ago
 This part was a little confusing for me, but overall this was easy and fun. Plus, my box is super cute. :D Good Job!
roblin905 years ago
Nice one! I especially liked the ham sandwich... =P