Picture of A Feeling Game
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Step 1: Drawing

Picture of Drawing
Draw 6 square boxes on a piece off cardboard

Step 2: U Well Need

Picture of U Well Need
A sharpie marker scissors a plastick square and some spare time + more important couloirs tape

Step 3: Draw

Picture of Draw
Trace the square like this

Step 4: That's

Picture of That's
How its going too turn out now draw 6 more

Step 5: 6 Squres

Picture of 6 Squres
Ur done with the drawing

Step 6: Now Cut

Picture of Now Cut
Cut it

Step 7: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut the square not exactly traced but allitle bit fater so u can cut it eisier

Step 8: Exactly

Picture of Exactly
Now cut it right on the traced line

Step 9: -

Picture of -

Step 10: One

Picture of One
Take one

Step 11: Now

Picture of Now
We're going to form a cube out off the squair cardboard cut outs

Step 12: L

Picture of L
Put the tape ther quickly so it won't fall apart

Step 13: M

Picture of M
Now we're going too feel the 2 pieces with tape

Step 14: Draw

Picture of Draw
Take one of ur squers pieces and draw a small circle

Step 15: Cut

Picture of Cut
Now cut the circle

Step 16: And Keep On Taping The Othe Piece

Picture of And Keep On Taping The Othe Piece

Step 17: Now

Picture of Now
Make 2 pieces like the first time and stick them together

Step 18: Like

Picture of Like

Step 19: Now Put One Of The S

Picture of Now Put One Of The S
Seperaded pieces like in the next step

Step 20: Just Kinda

Picture of Just Kinda
Squezz it in ther

Step 21: And Then

Picture of And Then
Tape it up

Step 22: And

Picture of And
Tape it up from the inside todo it wheel hold

Step 23: Now

Picture of Now
Squeez the other piece in

Step 24: Now Tape It UP

Picture of Now Tape It UP
And cut the hole again soo. So u halftime too find something that would fit in ther. Now cut the other sides with a razor on the sides and on the bottom so u can open and close it stick a pice of tape so it can stick and ur done

Step 25: UR

Picture of UR

Step 26: UR Good

Picture of UR Good
To plaY
TimsProjects11 months ago
Do I have an Instructable that says pacman?
makinginc (author) 11 months ago
TimsProjects11 months ago
I'm home now
TimsProjects11 months ago
I'm leaving to go home tommoroww
makinginc (author) 11 months ago
Yeah and thanks
TimsProjects11 months ago
What is it? A feeling game? It's a great Instructable though!
makinginc (author) 12 months ago
Pleaze vote for the weekend project

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