Introduction: A Fidget Spinner Made Out of Fingers Aka a Finger Spinner

The kiddo wanted a fidget spinner and my very soul died when he said it.

My only goal now was to do something weird with his request.

The Finger Spinner was born.

Step 1: First, Cut Your Fingers Off.

Picture of First, Cut Your Fingers Off.

You'd do anything for your child, I know I would.

Step 2: Put Em on Ice

Picture of Put Em on Ice

Nobody want's dull lifeless fingers, get em on ice before they go bad.

Step 3: Trim the Meat to Size

Picture of Trim the Meat to Size

I cut mine a bit long and had to trim them back. If I left the fingers too long them my knuckle meat would be hitting my hand fingers when spinning and nobody wants that.

Step 4: Pull the Bones Out

Picture of Pull the Bones Out

We will be replacing the finger bones with steel, so get it all out.

Step 5: Line the Lil Finger Shells Up and Fill Them Halfway Up With Epoxy.

Picture of Line the Lil Finger Shells Up and Fill Them Halfway Up With Epoxy.

Fill the fingers halfway up with epoxy. I tinted mine with blood and it adds a lot of depth and character.

Let the epoxy dry for 12 hours.

Step 6: Add Your Mechanical Parts.

Picture of Add Your Mechanical Parts.

I found a fidget spinner on amazon that had removable arms on it, so I bought that, unscrewed them and plopped them in my finger holes. Make sure that just a smidgen of the threads are sticking out the top of the fingers.

Step 7: Mix More Epoxy.

Picture of Mix More Epoxy.

Again, adding more fake, or real blood if you have some leftover, to the epoxy.

Step 8: Pour Then Wait

Picture of Pour Then Wait

Pour the goop into your old finger shells and then let that sit for 12 hours or so.

Be extra careful to not get epoxy on the threads or let it overflow. That will just look silly.

Step 9: Assemble and Enjoy

Picture of Assemble and Enjoy

Screw your fingers onto the spinner and you are done playa.

Step 10: How Many Can You Fit?

Picture of How Many Can You Fit?

Due to the size of my fingers, I was only able to make a 3 armed spinner. It all got too crowded with 4 fingers. Two fingers worked even better.

Step 11: Now Give Your Kid Your Fingers

Picture of Now Give Your Kid Your Fingers

The kiddo was thrilled....or grossed out....I'm not sure which way he was leaning, but it was a fun project and something most anybody can knock out in a few spare minutes of their day, assuming they don't mind losing a few fingers.

In hindsight, I should have only cut off 3 fingers, since I wasn't able to use four.

Step 12:

Picture of

Follow me on YouTube for more weirdness, DIY stuff, and general debauchery.

I also have a website too. How very forward thinking of me right?


seamster (author)2017-06-12

That's a digit spinner!

_diyMATT (author)seamster2017-06-12

CRAP! That' a much better name! :)

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