A Fishtail Friendship





Introduction: A Fishtail Friendship

This great Idea gives a twist to the fishtail braid on hair, into a stylish bracelet you can share with friends!

Step 1: Lay It Out

Make sure to lay it out. Putting colors in that are dark and light. This will make the colors pop! *it does not matter how many strings there are *more than three.

Step 2: Creating the Braid

Separate the strings into two equal sections Just like on someones hair, that the left piece of string and overlap it through to the center (as shown) and now take the right string through to the center just like you did the left. Continue this process.

Step 3: And You Are Finished!

Tie this together so it is now a bracelet! I hope you enjoyed! Comment, like, and most of all follow for more!



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I think I'll try this with yarn to make a stretchy headband. Great 'ible!

This is so cute!!! I will definitely show this to people I know! ;P

I totally want to try this!

Thank you soo much i love it

This seems surprisingly easy thanks! I thought it would be hard

Very cute and a great way to practice the fishtail braid hairstyle!