A Flag Shaped Ukelele





Introduction: A Flag Shaped Ukelele

About: Maker, Woodworker, puppeteer, working on a lonely hill in the rural heart of Portugal.

Now this is not an Instructable explained thru pictures and steps, sorry for that.
However in the video you will see the whole process, from thickness sanding the wood, bending wood on a hot pipe, shaping the neck and making the tuners with all recycled materials.

Step 1:

This Soprano (13" scale) ukelele was build for the European Woodworkers Collaboration Build and therefor was made with the European theme in mind. Of course you could shape the body of the Ukelele in any style you want!
The video shows how to inlay the starts into the front panel.

Step 2:

So here's the video. Enjoy!



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    Hey I am liking this a lot. I have recently finished a Uke made from rubbish and attempted to make my own tuners though not as elegantly as you have achieved, a really great idea, I wish I thought of it!

    Great video. If you have time why not load up a series of photos with a brief description, would really make this a fantastic Instructable.

    Look out for my Uke Instructable hopefully this Autumn.

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    Well, I made a video, because that's whet I always do, without Instructables on my mind. There will be more builds like this and from now on I will take pictures to so I can make an Instructable. Looking forward to yours!

    Hey sure, I am the same, normally the videos come first and then the Instructable. Just think what you are doing is really interesting and would work really well with photos series...takes time though that means less time making things!

    Great project!! Love it! Like the comment before me, the tuners are a stroke of genius!!


    I love the tuners! Great uke.