Recently I posted an instructable on how to make a flask using old jeans. Here I want to present a little bit different design and different initial material. And because I don't want to repeat myself I'll pay more attention into what I'm doing differently here rather then repeating myself, because, apparently, I don't want to repeat myself.

Also check this and this link to see some photos of couple of my similar projects and reed some bad English about what I was thinking about making those.

The inspiration for my flasks takes its roots from this picture, and after recent searching of "leather Bottle" on Pinterest I find out that I wasn't that original in my designs after all. But this is life, so i'm not that surprised.

Step 1:

This faux leather jacket is a donation from my friend. It has some parts where the material started flaking off (the jacket). I also made a couple of braclets from it so I'll show them in other i'ble.

<p>It's not that &quot;wow&quot; )</p>

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