Introduction: A Flower Rack Made of Tiles and Wood

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Mission: Waste materials recycling, saving and environmentally friendly!

Note: This is the work of a decade ago, there were only finished photograph, the following production process photo camera works is open again. So the tiles have been drilling.

Once, a group of furniture custom installation, after completion, the remaining number of bits and pieces.

Step 1: Materials

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There are a few short board stripe, and got two remaining tiles.

Step 2: Location

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The use of cross-section of the end of the strip, drew lines on the tile. And positioning the screw hole.

Step 3: Tile Drilling

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To tile drill, impact drill with diameter 4 mm, first with the nail gently tap the location, and then use the appropriate items (such as brick) liner steady, careful force. Then using the holes on the tile, to make a mark on the end portion of the strip cross-section, for fixing screws accurately.

Step 4: Slats Drilling

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Mark the guide hole for the screw with the smaller diameter (about 50%) of the drill in the cross section of the slat end according to the hole mark defined above.

Step 5: Assembly

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Install the three slats and two tiles with old screws that are collected daily. Note that the screw head is different, that is ,with the tile surface is a plane and cone surface two, as shown in the figure up and down type.

The installation is complete, as follows, and paste cushion at a bottom surface of the tile-equilibrating position contacting the ground.

Step 6: Finished and Used

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