Step 7: Making the Hatch and Painting the Interior

My next step was to make an opening to the inside of the saucer and paint it. This was what I saved the fourth section of the fiberglass dish for. I took some measurements within this section and marked off alongside the flanges about four inches in and about three feet long. Using a metal yardstick, I drew lines with a Sharpie along these marks, and cut the opening with my angle grinder. Yes, you would think using a jigsaw would be more appropriate, but I liked using the angle grinder because it cut quickly with much less chance of breaking a blade. It was like going through warm butter with a hot knife! Once the underneath was open, I was able to crawl inside with the roller and black paint to cover the interior "floor". To reattach the hatch to the body, I used a door hinge and some dome-headed screws. I then painted the lot, including the screw heads. There wasn't any need to add any kind of closing hardware, as I intended for the hatch to remain open at all times.
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Neat... And oddly familiar :)
That has got to be the most imagination that I have seen lately. I had several old Sat systems that i hauled off to the dump. How interesting.<br><br>Cheers!
WhooHoo- beam me up scotty and take me to your leader! Loved this UFO - really clever!
well done mark, you've got my vote, lots of hugs to you and Ally...... Debs (NZ) x
You did a great job! Last year I filmed one that someone made and yours looks just as nice as theirs. Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine
I can see by your stats that you're an ol' pro here, and so your kind words are especially appreciated!
Thanks for your kind words but I am certainly not a pro, I am still learning LOL! I have had so much fun here though. Hope you are as well. Can't wait to see more great post from you!<br>Sunshiine
Very cool! Not a Halloween display you normally see.
Very nice!
Thanks! We had a great time Halloween night and kids enjoyed seeing it!

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