Introduction: A Fun Box

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Cats love toys! The more the better… however we don’t all have unlimited funds. So why not try and do this homemade “Fun Box” for your cat! It is very simple to make and it’s completely 100% free!

Step 1: Have These Items Ready:

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  • A box*
  • A pen knife or scissors
  • A marker pen of some kind
  • 15 quiet minutes (turning off your phone might help :)
  • A willing cat to test it**


*Where to get a box from? There are lots of places offering freebie cartoon boxes: a supermarket, a grocery shop (ask them to save one of their large fruit boxes for you to pick-up — it will be perfect for your cat), a wine shop, a shoe shop.

** How to get a 'willing' cat?Have treats ready to put under the box.

Step 2: Choose a Box

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If you have several boxes choose the onelarge enough for your cat to fit underneath it.

P.S. I asked for a large carrot box at a local grocery shop...

Step 3: Think of Picasso:

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Draw some circle marks on your box - just wide enough for your cat's head or a paw to go through a hole.

Step 4: Matisse Will Be Proud of You!

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Cut the holes* that you have marked and let your cat go underneath the box.

P.S. Before you start cutting holes, just check if your cat isn't already underneath it ...(my one was!)

Tip. If the head doesn't come out - make the holes wider. Your cat will enjoy sticking its head out of them

Step 5:


KittyLover16 (author)2016-12-12

This looks like it would make a fun toy for cats....

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-11

My cats always do seem to love the random free items more than anything that I buy at the pet store for them.

Hi Jason, my cats love simple toys and especially if I make them. The box above is amoungst of their favourite toys.

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Bio: I have two Ragdoll cats - Daisy Blue and Boris SugarPuffs, and we like making fun cat toys together.
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