A Fun "Second-look"clock





Introduction: A Fun "Second-look"clock

Something to make over a dull weekend.

First thing to find is a normal cheap battery powered clock, about 200mm in diameter, or square.
There's nothing really critical about what is required; altho' have a good look at a similar type of clock to see how the hands are removed/replaced. The second hand usually comes off using long nosed pliers. The minute hand may require a bit of gentle jiggling with the same pliers -  at least that's how I got mine off. Once you've got the hang of things, then you can alter a more expensive good looking clock :)).

The "fixed face" in pic 2 was made from thinnish plastic, ex an A4 sheet. The cut-out at the top is sized to suit the rotating face, as seen in pic 5. The white markings were made from insulation tape, trimmed to suit, AND glued with contact glue. Again, nothing critical; use whatever is easy for you, and will look good.

The "rotating face" in pic 5 was made from thin A4 plastic (clear file cover), sized to suit your clock body. As you can see, it was punched to suit the clock hands stem, and then glued to the underside of the hour hand. Numbers are stick-on type ex stationery suppliers.




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    You really should write this up as a proper Instructable.

    I'll second that, you REALLY should.

    That's really cool, it would be great in full!