List of Material:

1 Packages of Sugru
·      1 Guitar
·      1 Guitar pick
·      Cooking oil

create by: Arturo Guevara

Step 1: Assemby

1. - Open the Sugru package, mould a little ball or spherical form and put it in any place of the guitar (preferably where you have an easy access).

Step 2: The Guide:

2. - Put a little amount of cooking oil to the guitar pick (for easy unmoulding) and stick it in the Sugru mould that its already installed in the guitar.

Step 3: Finish

3. - You should wait 24 hours before you take off the guitar pick. Now you will have an easy to do but very functional piece.
<p>Also you can jam your pick in between the pickguard and the guitar</p>
<p>Depends on your guitar, but it's usually not a great idea, as wood is prone to scratch this way, 'specially with homemade picks. </p>
<p>Sorry about 3 yrs late</p>
Una idea genial!!!!!
de hecho. <br>gracias Mario.
Con gusto!
This is so cool

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