Introduction: A Gadget Combines 5 Gadgets in 1 (Part I)

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Hi guys,

I DIY a gadget integrating the charging cable, the sync cable, the OTG cable, the flash drive and the Micro-SD card reader.

  • The reason why I want to make such a thing

Cables, the USB flash drive or micro SD card reader, these gadgets are not so necessary and used frequently for every day. But you never know when you might need them, so it’s better to gather all above functions in only one cable and easy to take.The searching results on the internet didn’t meet my demands, so I decided to diy it.

If you’re interested, here’s the instruction.

OK, let's get started.

Step 1: Things I Used

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Step 2: OTG (On-The-Go) Function & Figure Out How to Connect

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OTG function is really practical for Android users to read data from external storages and connect the mouse or keyboard.

Figuring out the how to connect is very important. Here is the diagrammatic sketch from Wikipedia.

Because the micro USB I used has 5 pins but in two rows. It is necessary to know the corresponding orders. So I took one micro USB apart.

Step 3: Let's Do It

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Follow the above orders, connect the micro USB and USB female with wires in different colors (easy for distinguishing).

Attention: as the pins of micro USB are too thin and get too close, be careful, don’t let the solder points touch each other, which will lead to short out, so try to make the solder points as small as possible.

The USB female has 4 pins, so the wires from micro USB need to be turned to four. Twisting wire No.4 and No.5 together.

Here I only used 4 colors, because my black one is too thick, hard to solder it on micro’s pin. So I replaced it into yellow. Moreover, I don’t have the blue one, so I used the dark green. Any color can be used as long as you can distinguish them.

Step 4: Testing by the Phone Supporting OTG

Picture of Testing by the Phone Supporting OTG

Plug a USB flash drive in the USB female.

Yeah!!! It works! Successfully completing the OTG.

I'll update the following part about adding charging function recently.


Even only a cable, there is still the possibility of forgetting to take. So I want to design it in the form of a bracelet, which people could wear it as a fashion accessory in daily life, be decorative and functional.So I invite my friend to draw some sketches.


sipek (author)2016-10-14

AFAIK charging and OTG doesnt work together also i dont see the sd
card or flash drive anywhere what you have right now can be bought a lot

JunezRiyaz (author)2016-10-06


TimL122 (author)JunezRiyaz2016-10-06


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-05

I love multi-function electronics. It is like and electronic swiss army knife.

Yeah, I do really like multi-function electronics too, all in one, convenient and easy to take. You got my point! LOL

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Bio: Making gadgets for simple life. Lazy is my driving force.
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