Introduction: A Geek Can Be Romantic

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I am not a great romantic guy but you know, sometimes, you need to prove your "LOVE" to your girlfriend. :)

So I created this original gift for her.

It is a heart in wood with el wire and leds. which lights with a magnetic interruptor.

Let's see the different steps to explain this romantic gift!

To do it, you will need:

- 1 pink el wire
-3 x 1 cents € (to create a magnet circuit)
-red paint
-12 white leds

Step 1: Draw the Heart on the Wood Plate

Picture of Draw the Heart on the Wood Plate

I draw a heart in a wood plate of 3mm thickness. It is pretty easy to find in a diy shop and not so expensive.

I draw the message "je t'aime" and pre-marked holes to drill them to put the el wire.

Then I drilled the wood plate and tested first the cable lengh!
By this way I preformed the el wire!

To cut the wood plate I used a hacksaw but it is much easier to use a jigsaw (unfortunately I don't have one).

Step 2: Shape the El Wire to Write "Je T'aime"

Picture of Shape the El Wire to Write "Je T'aime"

To write properly "Je t'aime" with the El wire I needed to drill smaller holes to fix and shape it discretly.

I didn't have a really small driller so I used a needle. (it is quite tricky as I attached it with wet paper around the needle inside the dremel).

I cut thin metal wire to attach the el wire properly and shaped it. 

Step 3: Paint the Heart and Add the El Wire Again

Picture of Paint the Heart and Add the El Wire Again

When the paint is dry you can put the el wire and add wires to fix letters!

I added 3 extra holes to do an extra el wire heart. 

In the middle of this heart you have a coin stick on the back of the wood board to attached the magnetic switch. (it is the switch off position)

Step 4: Create the Led Circuit With Magnet

Picture of Create the Led Circuit With Magnet

I used 0.01€ cent for circuit and magnetic properties.
I used a glue gun to stick coins.

And I put two coins to create a magnetic switch ! (easy and funny)

I glued led all around the main heart shape.
After finishing soldering the all circuit I glued everything to protect leds and solders  :)

It is obvious I created a derivated circuit to keep a 3 volts energy supply and keep it work even if a led no longer works.

Step 5: Final Result :)

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ChrysN (author)2012-07-12

Awe, that is sweet.

lpxav (author)ChrysN2012-07-13

You know sometimes I have to be kind of romantic.
It is easier to build something than say something.
It is one of the geek disease ;)

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