Maxwell smart always insisted on using the Cone of Silence, to the perpetual grief of The Chief.

This is another in my Get Smart props series, which also includes two different real working shoe phones (instructable 1 and instructable 2) and a phone booth.

As part of a church camp drama, I decided to make a cone of silence, a shoe phone and a phone box for dropping through the bottom of.

You can read about how I made the cone of silence here.

(Unfortunately the cone got damaged in transit before I took the photos. So these photos - except for the photo of the real cone from the show - are actually of a damaged cone being repaired, but I think you will get the idea, anyway).

Step 1: Find All the Bits You Need

To make your very own cone of silence, you will need:

1. 2x 1.2x2.4m rolls of PETG plastic sheet. I got mine from Menzels Plastics for about $30 a roll.

2. A push pin or similar, for making nice round holes in the PETG plastic

3. A pair of scissors, a ruler and a marker.

4. A packet of 100 teeny tiny split pins for joining the whole thing together.

5. A printer or otherwise to help you make a stencil.

6. A second person to make your life easier towards the end.
what the heck thats kinda wierd
<p>Hi softballch99 You gotta watch the 1960's &quot;Get Smart &quot; T.V show to understand the Instructable ;0) </p>
if someone makes the cone of silence from the new movie i will scream because that will be so cool btw cool ible' and how does it work?
Ah, agent 86... Get Smart was definitely a lovely spoof on 007 and The Prisoner and all the cold war spy mindset of the day. Good Instructions, Great job.

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