A Gift of Love




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Introduction: A Gift of Love

I knit this hat because I love playing different kind of yarn. This Hat I used Variegated Lion Brand Wool. And for the scarf I used Variegated Lion Brand Wool also combining with the Fun Fur. For the hat I used the knitting needle size US13/ 9.0mm and I the size for the scarf too. The finished Hat size L- 9 1/2" and the W- 6 1/2". The Scarf is 43" long and 3" wide and I used for the stitch is Knit 1, yarn over, all the way to the end then turn next row is knit 1, drop one yarn all the way to the end. You called this stitch drop stitch.



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    This is an awsome scarf!(And the hat looks cool with it) I'm in the process of making a scarf kind of like it. Could I get the pattern for that?

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    Sure! for the scarf I used the knitting needle US 13 / 9.0mm. Cast on 10 stitches turn, Row 1- knit 1 across then turn. *Row 2- knit1, yarn over, knit 1 yarn over across then turn. Row 3- knit 1, drop one stitch (the yarn over you made), knit 1, drop one stitch across then knit 1 turn. *Repeat this pattern until you reach the length you want. Hope this help. For the hat pattern I found that at www.lionbrand.com. it's a chemo hat.

    I agree with deadalchemist--the colors are great! Good job matching the LB Wool with the Fun Fur!

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    Thank you!


    This is really cool, it looks very warm and fuzzy.

    I think this is adorable. I love the colors used and it is obviously a gift of love. The instructions were very complete and precise for others to go by. A+