Picture of A Good Tactic for the Game Pocket Tanks
This is a good strategy for the game Pocket Tanks. I found this out by playing around in The Target Practice part of the game. If you do not have the game, people using a PC can get it at Pocket Tanks for PC. If you use a Mac, you can get it at Pocket Tanks for Mac
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
All you need for this is a computer (which you must have if you are reading this), and the game Pocket Tanks on your computer. You only need the free DEMO version of the game but it makes no difference if you have the full (expanded) version.

Step 2: Starting Out

Picture of Starting Out
Picture 3.png
First things first. Read through this Instructable to the end because the window might go full screen and you won't know what to do next!

Ok. Now that that's over lets get started. First thing you have to do is set it up so that you have the correct terrain and other conditions are the way they should be. The major and most important thing is to make sure that the terrain is FLATS or VALLEY. To do this, go to the main page and click on options. Click on the word untill it says flats. The rest of the options are up to you.

Step 3: Starting the Actual Game

Picture of Starting the Actual Game
Picture 6.png
Once you make it back to the main page, click Target Practice. This is like Two Player but you get all of the weapons. This tactic will work in normal modes of the game but I think that it is nice to understand and get used to the way it works before trying to do all of it while under fire.
StepBash4 years ago
Thanks, man! I finally remebered my favorite childhood game by browsing your instructable! I'vs been having a hard time remembering this game's name.
El Mano4 years ago
Tactic #2: find the enemy with a Fission Bomb. Hit him with a Piledriver, several Hailstorms, Bouncy Dirt and Sniper Rifles if you have the upgrade, and dirt weaponry, preferably Mud Pie. Win. Bunkering up may be fine in Targer Practice, where you have infinite Ground Hogs and Late Bloomers, but for a real game, it's suicide to spend your first two or three moves digging your own grave. Getting trapped in a hole is about the worst thing you can do. In the upgrade, Jump Jets is one of the most useful weapons available, as you can escape if you get hit by a Piledriver, Crater Maker, or other deathtrap-creating weapon.
nerd126 years ago
it won't work. it is better to use a 'shelter'
hawkdude61 (author)  nerd126 years ago
Well yes. The whole tactic revolves around the idea of a shelter. I guess I should have been more clear about that?
619rey7 years ago
where can i get one
nerd12 619rey6 years ago
if u mean pt then go to and download lime wire the use it to get pocket tanks you can also use this to get expansion packs(don't select any thing that says some thing like horny pocket tanks or sexy pocket tanks they are virus)
ive got this game and all the weapon packs. (oh its the deluxe version) its fun forabout 5 minutes
Micah_yee7 years ago
your tutorial sucks crap! okay, i'm kidding. that wasn't very funny, was it? although PT isn't my fave game, your strategy rocks. except you can't attack ur enemy. Although, if you're winning, this could be a good strategy to keep that score.
eon7898 years ago
Hey. D.T I added your instructable to the gamers group. I suggest you join that group.
It's been forever since I last played that game
AnimalChin8 years ago
Good job. It's very well written, and it has pictures for each step. Very well done. I just don't think it really belongs on instructables. It's better off on a gaming site like GameFAQs.
Instructables is a perfectly appropriate location for gaming-themed how-to's. While you may not be interested in all of the projects posted, they still belong on Instructables. This is an inclusive site, and all well-documented projects are welcome.
hawkdude61 (author) 8 years ago
hey this is my first instructable. hope you like it. tell me if you think i should change something.