Picture of A Grass/Leaf Catcher for Your Riding Mower
There has been a previous Ible describing how to make a trailer-style leaf catcher for a riding mower.

This Ible describes a grass/leaf catcher that sits on a platform attached to the rear of the mower. This is the same idea, different approach.

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Step 1: Can Your Mower Use A Grass catcher?

Picture of Can Your Mower Use A Grass catcher?
Not all mower decks have the necessary outlet where you can attach the grass catcher. Mine did have an opening in the side of the deck where I could attach my fitting.

If your deck doesn't have an opening then you are going to have to cut an opening to make this work. That is a much bigger project and will leaved your mower permanently modified.

Step 2: Remove Any Covers

Picture of Remove Any Covers
My deck had a spring-loaded plastic cover over a pivoting metal pate. I removed the pivot pin, the plastic cover and the spring. I kept the metal plate and put a 4" long 1/4" hex bolt through the mounting tabs to hold the plate in position.

onedog19552 years ago
This looks like a great idea, thanks for sharing. Do you have any problems with grass getting stuck in the the drain pipe?
rookie12 years ago
This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. My brother-in-law is gonna love this!.