Step 10: Modify Garbage Can Lid

Use a utility knife to cut four panels out of one of the garbage can lids (Photos #1 and #2). This will let the maximum air flow exit the can. I left enough plastic to have good support for the handle.

Next I made a retaining ring out of 14/2 house wire. I cut a length of the wire that would exactly circle the inside of the lid where I wanted the screen to be. I slipped the jacket off one end of the wire by clamping the wire inside in a vise and pulling. When I had about 6" of wire out one end and 6" of empty covering on the other end I stopped pulling (Photo #3). Then I slipped the exposed wire into the empty jacket to make a continuous circle of wire. I taped the joint and the area over the inside joint of wire with electrical tape (Photo #4).

I cut a piece of plastic window screen about 4" bigger than the garbage can lid in each direction. I put the screen in the lid from the inside and secured it in place with the wire retaining ring (Photo #5).

This looks like a great idea, thanks for sharing. Do you have any problems with grass getting stuck in the the drain pipe?
This is a great idea. Thanks for sharing. My brother-in-law is gonna love this!.

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