A Green Plant, a Green Pot (With Duct Tape!)





Introduction: A Green Plant, a Green Pot (With Duct Tape!)

The green plant is a plant that is eco-friendly without soil. The pot seen is also eco-friendly because it is made of biodegradable material, newspaper, or long lasting, terra cotta.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the supplies that you need:
-Rice Husk/Hulls (http://www.homebrewit.com/aisle/p/1898 (On this website they sell the husks for $1.00 a pound))
-Fertilizer/ Manure (I used chicken manure that I had for gardening)
-Assorted seeds (I used Basil)
-Newspaper (For the pot)
-Duct Tape

Step 2: The Green Pot

http://featuresblogs.chicagotribune.com/chicago_gardener/2007/02/how_to_make_a_n.html- Visit this link to learn how to make a newspaper pot.
An alternative: -If you're not the crafty type, instead of a newspaper pot you could use a terra cotta pot because they last a long time. To make the newspaper pot less leaky you can wrap it with duct tape.

Step 3: Step One

Get the Rice Husk and put it into the pot.

Step 4: Step Two

Put the fertilizer/ manure into the pot with the husks.

Step 5: Step Three

Take 1-5 seeds (depending on plant) and put them into the pot.

Step 6: Step Four

Gently stir the mix so the fertilizer and seeds go to the bottom.

Step 7: Finished!

Water your plant every other day and it should end up as a full grown plant. Thank you for reading my Instructable and please rate it! Feel free to leave suggestions, comments etc.



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    Silly question: wouldn't a biodegradable pot eventually disintegrrate? I know, that's the point of "biodegradable", but surely one wouldn't want it to "degrade" with the plant still in it?!

    I am new to this ... I know it's probable a dumb question

    how much of the "Rice Husk/Hulls" do you need?? in the first couple of pictures it doesn't look like you used much but in the last picture the pot is full.

    why not use masking tape, instead of duct?  duct will not biodegrade for a long, long time, as it is made with plastic.


    not yet,why not just use rice, what type plant i can do with this method.