Picture of A Guide To Wall Washers

I recently got hold of the Elemental LED, PAR 64 RGB wall washer, as a prize for the Instructables LED Contest. I have therefore been messing around with it, to find the best placement for it in my room.

In this brief instructable I hope to give you some useful tips on setting up your own wall washer at home. Albeit for a party or for your man cave, what ever that is?  I will cover the process of setting up the Elemental LED wall washer but I will try to make this a useful guide for generic wall washers as well.
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Step 1: Setting Up: Power

Picture of Setting Up: Power
Power Coversion

This step is required if you have a light that runs off a different mains voltage.

As I live in the UK our outlet voltage is 230VAC but my wall washer was from the US and required 110VAC. This was not a big problem to get over due to the invention of the transformer.

If you require a different voltage you can use a simple step up or step down transformer. Here are a couple of thing to remember if you need to buy one:
  • Make sure that you get a step down if you live in the UK and want to use a US lamp and a step up if you live in the US and have a UK lamp (quite unlikely).
  • Make sure the Power consumption or VA (Watts) of the your wall washer is less than the recommended max wattage of your step up or down transformer 
  • Be sure that you get one with the right plug and socket for you country and lamp
The Elemental LED 64 PAR RGB wall washer uses around 55W so I purchased a step down transformer that was advertised as 100W however it only said 70W on the safety be careful when buying online.

looks awesome, what's you favorite color that it makes? I like the purple
I certainly has to the deep blue / purple colour. I really like how the blue leds make uv stuff fluoress