Step 3: Play it Yourself and Compare

Picture of Play it Yourself and Compare
One thing I can't stress enough is that YOU SHOULD NOT BUY A GUITAR WITHOUT PLAYING IT FIRST. If you just buy a guitar without playing it or even seeing it in real life you may end up being very disappointed with your purchase. Just because a guitar looks good does not mean it plays well. Go to your local guitar shop and play the guitar for 45 minutes or more (preferably more) until you make sure it feels comfortable to play. 45 minutes might seem like a long time but just playing the guitar for 5 minutes doesn't let you get the full effect of what the feel of the guitar is like. Another very important point is that when you are shopping for a guitar, you should always look at a lot of different makes and models before buying. Even if the first guitar you play seems like the perfect one, make sure that you try other ones out too. After you have found the right guitar and confirmed that it is the one you want then buying it at the store of online fine.
ski4jesus4 years ago
Midtown Music is a good store too...